BF poison setup in 3.0

I have a plan to build BF build with a bit more of poison than usual.

Was thinking about my setup but would ask more experienced players for advice.

What would you run as 5L, 6L after. And in what priority order. I would like to add Vile Toxins Support plus Added Chaos Dmg, would that be ok or some other setup.

So is this good
5l/6L BF - Faster Attack, Melee Phys Dmg, Inc Area, Vile Toxins, Chaos Dmg/Inc Crit Dmg.

Is this ok or would you change anything.

What about passives that adds poison on hit like Fatal Toxins and Toxic Strikes, do I need those 40 percent extra or passive from Assassin skill tree (40 percent) is more than enough for BF.

And what about old poison support, not good enough my guess - Lesser Poison Support/Poison Support, any good?

Thanks in advance guys for any tips
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Any tips?

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