[3.0] Fire/Vortex trap trickster, help needed.

Hi, Iwas wondering if anyone could take a look at my tree as I am terrible at optimising.


The idea was to create A DoT trap build that scaled well with tricksters new passive usign Frenzy and Power charges. The aim was to use single traps and make use of tinker skin for some life and Frenzies and Jaws for power charges so the build doesnt rely on killing to gain charges.

Also the link has two skill setups, the idea would be to scale towards Fire trap or Vortex trap and only use the one setup. However I don't know which set up would be better for damage/QoL so could use some advice there too.

The turmoils were left from another build, i'd probably change them to somethign better anyway.. (Probably hair trigger for better non-sab traps)
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Before anything there's two parts to this. The "hey think about these things" part and the "here's some good nodes your missing" kinda section. Efficiency aside how is this build going because I've been planning something similar. Looks good though, looks good

I guess my specific question about this build is why vortex over say scorching ray which benefits from more nodes around the tree? Is it because you wanted to do traps?

So, I've been working on a similar idea. I wanted to use Tulfall wand because it is basically a huge buff to your frenzy/power charge generation and effectiveness. For a conversion to fire though consuming dark also seems very viable in this case. 50% increased fire damage, 30% of fire damage as chaos, and your chaos damage has a 60% poison rate. This means that you gain more dps and consuming dark is basically free because of all the nerfs it got hit with (so it's a good budget option for this build though a wonderfully rolled wand is better for pure dps). For boss power charges jaws of agony is good for a life build with consuming dark.

Specific Tips:
1. grab the 4% spell damage per power charge node. It's one point in the witch starting area that will give you 28% increased damage at full power charges. For one point it can't be beat.

2.as you get more currency your going to want jewel spots you can buy things and put into. It allows you to scale really hard late game and sink currency while doing so. (so just think about it as a long term thing).

3. If you like traps try sunblast. It's amazing, but only if you really want to do traps. I hate traps and you can get really similar dps by dropping traps because vortex doesn't stack debuffs (Stacking: If an enemy is standing over multiple vortex ground effects,only the one with the highest damage per second will cause damage at any given moment. This is consistent with other damage over time ground effects, such as caustic cloud and burning ground.) So if you want to do traps you'd be better to focus hard on the blast rather than the DoT. Speaking of DoTs...

4. Entropy. Another great node right out of the starting line. If you grab it you'll get 37% increased DoT for 3 nodes + cast speed and int which isn't bad.

5. Drop blood drinker. You don't have any attacks (or few). So the leech on attack is wasted on this build. (Though you probably grabbed it for the %life)

6. Defenses. Your effective health is really good. Not counting block, dodge, and armor (which are hard to calculate anyway) you have 9176 effective HP, not bad. You might have a hard time getting it back though. There are some nearby life and mana regen nodes as well as vaal clarity as an option for when you run out of mana. (At your current mana value you'll run out of mana almost 1000 hp before you run out of HP so regening that mana can increase you effective HP to 11k+)With that you could replace a flask with witchfire brew and still be really safe (DoT and Vulnerability) Remember: For mana to not run out before life the unreserved mana should be at least 43% of unreserved life, granted that 30% of damage is taken from mana before life. (you basically got it though 41%)
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Yo OP, how is your build working for you? I wanted to try a Vortex traps DoT build also. Possibly using the Pyre Ring and/or Emberwake, im just a bit reluctant due to the changes to ignite and the heavy points investment i'll probably need to make the DoT damage worth while.

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