[3.0] Scion Life based support test/theory upto 78 percent increased damage

Hello this will be my first build post for a scion support.

The reasoning behind scion support is because of the ability to gain upto 60 percent flat aura damage as opposed to the now reined in 30 percent of the other ascendancys. At this stage the build is untested but will be my league starter, i will update and let everyone know of its viability.
Passive tree 2.6 its as close to 3.0 as i could make it will update as soon an updated version comes out
Passive tree

Alira for a smoother leveling experience or kill all for 2 extra points to get to key nodes a little quicker

Necromancer - Champion - start area nodes for 2 passives
Reasoning for these are that necromancer grants 30percent flat damage and champion while fortified also grants flat 30 percent damage, and even though we dont place anything at the start areas we choose this path for the extra 2 passive points and we dont really need the extra stats.

Recommended items
mandatory -Chest- Victario's Lacquered Garb.
Mandatory -Helmet- Alpha's Howl Sinner Tricorne.<any of the mana reservation enchants would be ideal but not mandatory>
The reasoning behind these items are the extreme amount of mana reservation we save aswell as the level 30 generosity given to our auras in our chest, this should let us run four 50 percent auras

mandatory?- weapons- id recommend opting for a brightbeak for shield charge movement speed and easy resists coupled with a victarios shield for more aura range, for bosses and or harder content Dying breath will be our weapon of choice as it adds more curse and aura effect aswell as another flat 18 percent damage aura bringing our total damage increase aura to 78 percent.

non mandatory -boots- yellow two-toned boots or evasion boots with good resists getting some chaos res here is nice but not super important, stat priority here is life>resists>movement speed>evasion if you can get a hybrid life evasion roll that would be best.

non mandatory -belt- yellow leather belt any high life resists leather belt would be ideal.

non mandatory -gloves- yellow evasion gloves are probably your best best bet try to get a hybrid life evasion roll for maximum life

non mandatory -rings- rings can be anything really doedre's curse ring is ok for bosses any coral rings or res rings with good life are fine mix and match depending if you are short on anything even elereon rings are decent.

non mandatory -amulet- same deal here id recommend a jade amulet to cover dexterity shortages it all depends on where your stats are at you may opt for any base with good life and resists

Gems and links
-Helmet- PURITY OF LIGHTNING- PURITY OF FIRE - PURITY OF ICE- ENLIGHTEN LVL2<may not have enough mana at this point without higher level enlightens and the helmet enchant so opt out of one of these auras>
-Weapon- (Dying Breath -bosses) SUNDER - FORTIFY - CURSE ON HIT- ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS - TEMPORAL CHAINS- ENFEEBLE (Curses are preference depending on whats in your party and what content you are doing, a 5l should work just fine.
-Weapon- (bright beak -mapping) SUNDER - FORTIFY - CULLING STRIKE OPTIONAL
-Shield- (victarios-mapping) SHIELD CHARGE - FORTIFY - FASTER CASTING

keep in mind this is a test build for 3.0, ill be updating it if it proves to be a solid build in place of necro support and i suck at formatting.
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Any updates, have you tested this at all? Considering trying this out!
Any updated thoughts on Ascendant Support build??

I'm trying to make a budget support build atm. Ascendant Guardian for Conduit, mini Haste, and party block. Mainly chose Scion because Guardian and Necro both require low-life to maximize their benefits, which isn't cheap. Scion gives easy access to curse effect nodes, and the Uber lab points allow for many interesting combinations.

- Life-based because its cheaper.
- Focus on curses and sharing charges because we can't stack tons of auras cheaply.
- Focus mainly on boosting defenses.
- MF Culler.
- I would like to run All three Purities, with Grace OR Haste depending on the situation.

Anyone tried anything like this?

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