[3.0] Dark Pact Berserker?

Anyone given this any thought? Here's how I plan on taking this skill.
MoM, VP, and Zerker leech makes it seem pretty survivable and the numbers on the skill are pretty high.
Leveling up as Sunderzerker(maybe Static Strike or Ice Crash?), then respecing at 92 points to swap over to DP

Gem Links and thoughts
]Dark Pact + Void Manip + Conc/Inc AoE + Controlled + Added Chaos + Iron Will(maybe Faster Casting instead of IW?)

These are basically the only supports you can use with a skill like Dark Pact.

CWDT + Immortal Call + Inc Duration

Auto defense, duh.

Shield Charge/Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Arcane Surge

Again, another obvious one. Movement + Fortify

Totem + Wither + Faster Casting + Inc Duration

Used for tough bosses/rares. Obvious for Essence Drain builds, so why not here?

Vaal Summon Skeletons + Minion Damage + Minion Life

Another boss button. Also lets you use it at range while they're distracting the boss.

Clarity + Blasphemy + Curse + Warcry

I don't know about Clarity yet, never played a MoM build before. I think it's an obvious choice, but the mana reservation has me wary.
All three Warcries and a lot of curses seem good. Probably going to go Warlord's Mark/Rallying Cry. More leech and endurance charges for IC and mana regen to fuel MoM and inreased damage. After Uber Lab probably dropping the Warcry when I respec over to Aspect of Carnage.

Build up to 92

Build after respec

Build at 104

Absolutely maxed out build
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Ok so I have a similar idea, but Dark Pact scales with HP.

So why go up the tree where there's less HP nodes when instead of chaos damage, you can just grab more maximum life nodes. Which also increases survivability.

I plan on using endurance charges for defence as well and I'm getting some extra from the tree.

My tree:

Also for Skill gem support I'm going for

Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Void Manipulation - Arcane Surge - Added Chaos Damage
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I'm comparing the two, but I just don't see the merit. Beyond being tankier(and that's not that much tankier, you're losing a lot of max mana), anyway.
With the pure HP tree, you're losing 164% chaos damage, 35% general spell damage, and 54% mana to gain 69%(giggity) life.
Maybe someone else has done the math already on DP, but the differences seem too much.

Max mana isn't that relevant imo since we'll be leeching a lot (3% from zerker, 2% from warlord's) and keeping it topped up.

69% health and the extra strength is a lot of extra health. Without gear I have 1k more, I may be able to get 1.5k more with gear, maybe even more with a Kaoms.

Whatever I get in matters of extra health, 6% of it goes to base damage which is multiplied by everything. And we do get a lot of multipliers.

On the other hand increased chaos damage and spell damage is additive, it will scale of with your base hit. The question is if the difference in base hit multiplied by all multipliers will be bigger or smaller than the base hit you'll do increased by 199%.

Unfortunately, path of building doesn't factor in that 6% damage yet so I can't calculate full DPS.
I think PoB started factoring in the %6 HP with the latest update. When i change Life, dps of the dark pact also changes.

I also came up with something similar to OP's build at 104. Also, im curious what you guys come up with in PoB in terms of DPS.
Im getting to around 400k dps with ~100 points in a vaal pact build, I don't think you can reasonably do non-vaal pact self-targeted dark pact since your leech will be capped at less than your spent hp. It might work, but your leech would be almost entirely consumed by your casting. Vaal pact means that you can leech as fast as you can cast, so your leech scales with your cast speed..

Thinking in terms of increase and more is likely to trip people up with dark pact, increasing your life doesn't fit cleanly in either category. It is a more term technically, but it is additive with all your other pre-existing increased life. That is to say, if you already have 200% increased life and you add another 50% increased life, it's not 50% more base damage - it's 25%.

On the build I'm working on, I currently have ~315% increased damage in total that will affect the spell, and 200% increased life. However, the base damage of the spell (250 at level 20) is not multiplied by the increased life. So, in my current gear and setup that I have on PoB, increased life is almost exactly the same in value as increased damage, 1%:1%.

The trees that I have set up trying to use life nodes instead of damage nodes end up much less efficient, mainly because it's hard to get vaal pact in a life-heavy tree that also wants aoe and potentially mom. It's a lot of stretching.
Yeah, nvm pure HP won't compensate as much as I was hoping for
What are you guys looking at in terms of items ?
i come to 4,5million shaper dps with 9,5k life. think it will be a strong as f*ck build for clearing and farming. and before you ask, no atm i will not share my PoB ;)
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I was thinking charged dash cwc summon skellies to alleviate the cost, and go without vaal pact. Maybe doon / IW version. but charged dash has max dex 155, that does not bode well.

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