[3.0] Charged Dash Concept

Hey all, this is the second build I've made that I'm looking for advice on. This time I want to try out the new Charged Dash Skill.

EDIT: Reworked.

Path of Building link

I'm going with Sword/Shield for the extra survivability and because I've never used a shield. Focusing on the Lightning Damage for the extra Shock potential, and Raider for the free Phasing/Onslaught. The Gear choices are just some uniques that looked good, besides the Hyaon's Fury.

As Far as the main gems go it will be something like: Charged Dash> Added Lightning> Ele Focus> Faster Attacks> Lightning Pen> Ele dmg with attacks.

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Charged Dash gem - 50%of phy convert to Lightning damage . Wanna use brutality and bleed , extra LUL.

bleed and pure phys won´t be a good idea on this gem. Phys to lightning should be mandatory. Also, poeplanner.com doesnt use the new beta tree. Try PoESkillTree instead, it has the newest data.

Here is my link for PoESkillTree: LINK

You would need to scale attack speed, movement speed and elemental damage. I think Raider is the best class for this gem since it adds a lot of attack speed, movement speed and some decent ele damage.

Not sure about the Links, but it is probably:
Dash - Phys to Lightning - Melee Phys - Ele Damage with Attacks - ...

For the two open links you might consider Faster Attacks, Lightning penetration, ele focus, innervate, added fire damage, ... have to test :)
Hipster Melee Elemental Hit Champion - Melt all Content! - With Video (3.3) - https://bit.ly/2JzkPhn
Bleedquaker - Max Block Bleed Earthquake Gladiator (3.3): http://bit.ly/2ufxayF
Balls everyhwere - Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Gladiator (3.1): http://bit.ly/2zgfEwE
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Yeah, I didn't know it had 50% Phys to Lightning on it, I'm working on a new tree, thanks for the input Raggapaul :)
I'm currently working on a very simmilar build, Gladiator though, because it started as a Tempest Shield build, before I realised how OP Charged Dash is and how well it fits into the build. Currently the plan looks like this:

Passive Tree:
Iron reflexes, Increased Skill Duration, Blood Magic and all shield nodes I can squeeze out of it.

I'll end up with something like 500% increased defenses from shield (easily 10k Armour)
and a lot of increased damage while holding a shield.

6 - Link
Charged Dash - Phys to Lightning - Ele Damage with Attacks - Elemental Proliferation - Fortify - ...
For the Last One I'm considering: Added Lightning, Melee Phys, Added Fire, Lightning Pen, Life on Hit, Life Leech, Ruthless.

4 - Links

Orb of Storms - Chain Support - Culling Strike - Innervate

Tempest Shield - Chain Support - Curse on Hit - Conductivity
Alternatively the curse can be Hunter's or Warlord's Mark for more survivability.

Shield Charge - Riposte - Endurance Charge on Stun - Stun support
For Boss fights I switch this entire Setup to:
Life on Hit - Frenzy - Multistrike - Ruthless

3 - Link

Lightning Golem - Minion Damage - Phys to Lightning.
This is on a Clayshaper for leveling.

1 - Sockets

Herald of Thunder
Arctic Armor (protection while channeling)
Enduring Cry (can't stun Bosses)

Malachai's Artifice - Molten Shell
Because EE comes from the Ring it never get's reset. So the Molten Shell explosion effectively is a second Conductivity Curse.

I really want to get > Cast on Damage Taken - Immortal Call < in there, but I'm not sure what to sacrifice.

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