[3.0]MoM / Crit Storm Burst CwC Ball Lightning Inquisitor

Hello guys i want to try the new skill, and i am thinking in using this skill tree:


I dont know if CwC is worth, or i just better to use only Storm Burst, i need your help to improve the tree and to decide some uniques. Right now i am only thinking in a divinarus.
Last bumped on Aug 7, 2017, 5:07:27 PM

I'd take the life+mana nodes right above the witch start (Heart and Soul),

Cruel Preparation and Deep Thoughts,

Blood and Soul Siphon,

and maybe Sniper/Coordination/Nullification.
I'm playing a similar build and i can tell u right now u will need alot more hp, this is how i'm specced atm and i will go for more hp as i level.

ign SanoSagara / KenshinBattousai

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