[3.0] SC Assassin/Inquisitor DW Ele Crit Claw Wild Strike - pointers welcome

Hey, I'd like to play Scion and Wild Strike so this is my build idea.
Any pointers welcome.

Oh and I'll play Harbinger of course. I will never empty all my stash tabs in standard.

For crit and power charges I think about playing Assassin/Inquisitor.

Wild Strike + Weapon Ele Dmg + Faster Attacks + Multistrike + Added Lightning (+ Added Cold)

Auras: Anger + Wrath

High Attack Speed claw(s) for life on hit sustain (Gemini's for mana?)

Notable Items
Alpha's Howl
3 Ele Grand Spectrums for 108% ele dmg (probably too expensive, so most likely 5 slots for life + attack speed)

Cons: Life might be a little low; high attack speed for epic wild strike lags
Pros: 42 % all ele res for easier item choices
Templar side of the tree feels kind of unrewarding. I'm very close to drop all crit and play resolute technique like every time...

2 Skillpoints (I'll probably won't play far past 90), Alira/Kraityn are good choices as well
Power charge

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