Planning for 3.0 [MoM Lightning Tendril]

Hey folks! I will start off by saying the farthest I have ever leveled in this game is 78 and followed a build from YouTube pretty rigidly for SRS. I had fun, but did end up hitting a bit of a wall due to squish factor.

Here's the skill tree:

I am wanting to try a Templar this season, a MoM, lightning tendril Heirophant to be exact. I don't know how far the build might go, but would really appreciate any feedback from more experienced players.

My hope is that I can stand there and channel while using a shield and all the survival bonuses I've picked out. I feel like it might work? I know Inquisitor would likely be better for overall ele damage, but feel Heirophant is best for my first MoM build.

Mainly I would appreciate comments/criticisms on my build and also some answers to a few questions:

Only 4 links for Lightning Tendrils? Thanks to the 20% resistance shredding on the helm from 2 points in Heirophant, would it be viable at all to do lightning tendrils in the helm and say supported with Innervate, Lightning Damage and Power Charge on Crit? Or should I stick with end goals of 6 linked primary damage skill? I imagine some sort of cast when channeling setup would be far better, but could be wrong.

Divine Guidance or Illuminated Devotion first?

If the plan mentioned above isn't too hot, just spec away from MoM and go Inquisitor?

If reasonably viable, any suggested secondary skills/auras to run would be greatly appreciated

Ultimately, I hope to stand there tanking things while going all Palpatine on them. My hope is that from ascendancy bonuses, I will be stacking Power and Endurance charges while being tanky enough to shred things with lightning.

Dumb idea? Potentially viable? Any feedback appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

Last bumped on Aug 2, 2017, 11:51:06 AM
I'd like to suggest downloading Path of Building, will help you with the finer details of the build.
It will also help you with synergizing your gear, passives, and skill gems.

Also, should only plan the build out to 70 or 80, by then you'll have a good feel for the build and can decide what to put points in when it comes time.

There are... a good number of problems with the skill tree. You skip a lot of good nodes and path a long way for mediocre ones. There are also a few flaws in the minor details, like, the free 5 link will be great for leveling but a 6 link is always better. You don't seem to have a good source of sustain. You plan to build power charges, but aren't a crit build. Your links are a little wonky. That kinda stuff.

If you get path of building, I can help you build a much more solid character. A Heirophant Lightning Tendrils character is definitely viable, as most things are, you just need to work with the strengths and weaknesses a bit better :)

Tendrils is not a channeled skill, by the way. It acts like one, but it isn't.
It isn't channeled?! D: BUT MAH PALPATINE! T_T Thank you for the feedback! I'll have to dl the builder when I'm home from work and will get back with you.

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