[3.0 WIP] Need advice on improving my terminus flicker assassin

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I took a look at the build guides on the forum, but almost all 2.6 terminus flicker assassin builds depend on DoTs for a large portion of their DPS. Seeing as DoTs are essentially being gutted in 3.0, I've decided to make a pure physical flicker build in an attempt to get around this problem when it leaves beta. I feel like I did an okay job making a balanced setup and still have a massive amount of damage, but very rarely do I theorycraft a build so I doubt it's capable of taking me to high maps without dying a lot.

I'm hoping to get some advice from veteran flicker strike players on what I can do to improve the build. I'm hoping to maintain as much crit chance as possible as well as keeping the damage physical, but I'm willing to lower DPS if it means improving survivability.

Yes, I understand this build was set up during beta and anything could change at the last second. I figured since we have roughly a week before launch, it might be safe to show what I have right now.

I appreciate any assistance.

Things to note:
1. The items in the build were edited for ideal affixes, but not BiS rolls.
2. Most items were deliberately left without resistances so I can juggle them later when I try to get them.
3. I want to try sticking to a physical build. I understand elemental is a vastly more powerful option using conversions, but I feel they will have trouble against reflection (no nullification unlike physical and Immortal Call) and bosses (I calculated a 300k+ loss in DPS due to resistances and reduced curse effects, versus physical losing only 10k-20k).
3a. I'm willing to reconsider if there's ways to work around the problems mentioned earlier.
4. Due to the nature of Terminus Est, maintaining crits for perma-flicker is of upmost concern.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

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Doing something similar, but taking more offensive nodes, didnt play beta so dunno how it will work. Cant decide whether to go for acrobatics or not, cuz most of the sockets are red for me.

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