[3.0] Ele Blade Vortex, need help with tree

Here's the build: https://pastebin.com/5d35HmRV

9.1m dps (with +40 extra points on the tree and slightly over-tuned items, feels bad man), can easily reach 8k life with the life nodes that are right next to me, but I can't figure out how to remove those extra 40 points. Everytime I remove a node and the dps shrinks my heart hurts. Removing the int node that is right below the jewel that is above the Elemental Equilibrium keystone brings the points to +17, the dps down to 7.8m and the life to 5.4k from 6.6k, I guess that's a good start

Edit: Mutewind Whispersteps adds +0.7m damage, but we lose the life roll
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You have to cut it to something like this


gogin down to 1mil dps to shaper without power charges

Orb of Storm - replaced Inc. Crit Strikes with Arcane Surge
Cut a lot of tree jewel traveling & extra jewels.

Since Power Charge will get dumstered, replaced Void battery with Doryani Catalyst (just to get somehow more accurate read of the dmg), Altho it will be higher

161% life but no MoM so glass cannon crap :( but it has room for MoM. Could work.
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