Help with Crit Wild Strike build for 3.0.0

So I never really did a crit or wild strike build, but I thought of making one for Fall of Oriath. Here's what I planned so far


Wild Strike - Weapon Elemental Damage - Multistrike - Faster Attacks - Increased Critical Damage - Melee Physical Damage(maybe switch something for Ele Focus/Melee Damage on Full Life/Added Fire Damage)
Hatred - Herald of Ash - Summon Flame Golem
Lightning Strike - Curse on Hit - Assasin's Mark(- Chain/GMP)
Whirlong Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

Maybe add something else? I dunno

Helmet - Abyssus for that extra flat phys damage and big crit multi
Amulet - Marylene's Fallacy for Crit multi
Weapon - dual Bino's Kitchen Knife, later to be switched for rares
Gloves - Shadow and Dust or Maligaro's Virtuosity
Rest - life, res, damage boost, pretty normal stuff

What will you say?
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