[3.0] [Chieftain] [Theorycraft] SB + Xoph's Nurture


I'm thinking about a siege ballista fire totem build, running with Xoph's Nurture.

Tree looks something like this:

Anger must be one of the auras, and maybe Vitality ('cuz it has to be BM) or not selfcasted Flammability but aura.

Socket like this:
[BOW] Siege Ballista - Faster Attack - WED - Blood Magic - CtI/Inc. Dura.(eg) - (Fire penetration)
[HELM] Flammability - Blasphemy; Blink Arrow - FA
[GLOVES] Lightning golem; CwDT - IC - Inc. Dura. --> it gonna be low duration probably, but I'm hoping it is going to be enough. (EG you can get extra skill durations from tree. 0,4 with 164% bonus duration = 1,056 sec)
[BOOTS] Inc. aoe + CtI + fire penetration + Inc. Dura. [Abberath's Hooves]
[CHEST] can make a filler setup but at the endgame you going to use Kaom's sooo...

This build must need chance to ignite, because of nocrit base, but actually with Xoph's nurture (10%) + lvl21 CtI (50%) + tree (25%) + Emberwake (5%) Gang's Momentum (10-15%)/Abberath's Hooves (5-10%) it's going to be 95-99%, it cannot be 100% if i'm right. Also it's without curse!

Boots choices:
Abberath's Hooves - Socket with: Inc. aoe + CtI + fire penetration + Inc. Dura.
I pick ele prolif to spread faster the status ailment.
Gang's Momentum - Extra dmg from (25-40)% increased Damage against Ignited Enemies

Ring choices:
Emberwake - multiple ignite can be easy with dual fast ballista + Xoph's Spread + Abbreath's Hooves spread
The Taming - It could be actually kind of an endgame item, but could works well with Abberath's Hooves and Emberwake.

So with kind of an endgame setup you have: Xoph's Nurture (10%) + Abberath's Hooves (10%) + Tree (25%) + Emberwake (5%) + The Tamming (5%) = 55% CtI + 24% from 20/20 Flammability = 79% - Must be enough!

At the endgame you can change CtI gem to Inc. duration (more stack=more dmg.) or Added Fire dmg. (cuz u have phys. dmg. enough to make it reliable).


Abberath's Fury ignite chance: Abberath's Hooves (10%) + Tree (25%) + Emberwake (5%) + The Tamming (5%) + lvl21 CtI (50%) + Skill (10%) = 105% (99% is the cap soooo....), and also there is a flammability.

If phase run can work with Abberath's Fury, it could be op, but it's not, soooo... That's kind of a bad thing. I'm hoping aoe + Xoph's Nurture can do enough aoe to reach most of the mobs in the area.

Carnage Heart - Your totem going to leech, so I have to test it. It can solve dexterity problems too and (30-40)% increased Damage while Leeching could be huge! Cheape choice!
Rare with dex+life+dmg+etc. - It can get enough dmg to beat carnage heart, but it could be more expensive. But you can get 50+ dex too, so you can get dmg modes on jewels. Could be better!
Xoph's Blood - If you take 30dex node(s) actually you can use this amulet (and if you use 2 of the 30 dex nodes you can use 2 jewels without dex with higher dmg output). This amulet is kind of unbeatable, flat life works great with Kaom's Heart, Str inc., fire pene, and the ash mod is also great (Cover Enemies in Ash when they Hit you: Enemies that hit you are inflicted with an Ash debuff that causes them to take increased fire damage taken and have less movement speed. - It's great!!!)

Jewels (6 socket):
Rain of splinters - (it's LMP from jewel)
Miser of Misery - +3 Life gained for each Status Ailment on Enemies hit by your Attacks / has to be tested but every hit makes status ailment soooo it's shitload of regen. Problem is your dmg =/= totem dmg? I don't think it works with totem, but should try.
Mantra of flames - auras, bottles, it's nice bonus dmg.
Rare jewels (3-4x) with life/totem dmg/(dex)/dmg

Dex needs badly from items, actually that's a little problem, but it's not unsolvable. Bow has 185 dex req, and i think it's the highest value (SB - 159 on lvl21; FA 111 on lvl20) => 34 (tree) + 45+ from helm + must need 3x15+ from jewel (45) + gloves 45+ + Carnage heart 30+/rare 16+ = 199/185+, it's enough.

Xoph's Nurture
The Tamming
Abberath's Hooves (10% CtI)

Rearguard Broadhead Arrow Quiver - Best in slot: spell block + block + dmg :)))) It has more effective life than rare quivers. The Signal Fire, if you are in softcore, also you don't think you need extra def, also it's huge dmg boost.
Rare resist/life/armor chest or Belly of the beast; Kaom's (endgame)
Dex 45+/resist/life rare helm
Dex 45+/resist/life/attack speed rare gloves
Dex 45+/resist/life/dmg amulet
Life (+str)/Resist/armor rare belt (leather or vanguard) or Fire Doryani's (extra CtI when you use flask) or Bisco's Leash - All in all best choice is a huge life belt.

- Dying Sun (+2 proj)
- Rumi's Concoction (extra def)
- Seething [life flask] of Heat (freeze removal)
- Saturated [life flask] of Warding (curse removal)
- Ample/Perpetual/Experimenter's/Chemist's Quicksilver of Adrenaline

Essence crafting:
- Essence of Sorrow: Easy dex craft - requirements (You can get +1 dex slot!)
- Essence of Hysteria: 5% elemental penetration with flask eff. - Sounds good.
- Essence of Insanity: 5% movement speed with flask eff. - Extra mobility, it's also good.

- Essence of Zeal: Attack speed - faster ignition
- Essence of Sorrow: Easy dex craft - requirements
- Essence of Loathing: Dodge attacks - def
- Essence of Greed: Life
- Essence of Anguish: Flat fire dmg
- Essence of Contempt: Flat phys dam - whatever..

- Essence of Sorrow: Easy dex craft - requirements
- Essence of Greed: Life
- Essence of Loathing: Reservation reduction - with this + reserv node from tree, you can actually get +1 aura.

Lab. enchantments:
- 10% chance to ignite, if you haven't crit recently: You cannot crit. :)
- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently: You cannot kill, your totems do. :)

- 15% increased Siege Ballista Attack Speed (faster the totems shoot, more ignites apply on enemies)
- 150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Lightning Golems (speed bonus)
- 40% increased Siege Ballista Damage (it's not bad either)
- 15% Anger reservation reduction (can set up +1 aura)
- 36% increased Immortal Call Duration (1,2 sec duration IC, meh, it's fine..)

Sooooo, what do you think?

Actually my new pc setup gonna be ready to game after 20th of august.. :(
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Hi dude,
Believe it or not I was actually played this build for a long time in 2.6. I've spent almost all of my currency experimenting with items and gems. The tree was a bit different, because projectile damage double dipps this.
Check this:
character name is Уйдуруй_Търлатаев

Overall the build is not bad, but not great for high level mapping. Can do Atziri and Lab, but definitely no guardians.
Due to ignite changes you should reconsider this build and I personally don't recommend it for 3.0
Hey man,

First of all, thanks for your advices, but I have to reconsider all of this, after the patch notes, yes.

Double dips cannot work anymore, and all fo the ailments reworked, (nerfed and buff at the same time, so don't know). Probably it's not worthy to start with this build (actually I had two ballista build before, both of the worked great on climbing, but one of them was poison, and the other was eirikeiken's meme 10 ballista build (Sadly I sold that one... :( )

Now I have to go to work, but I'm gonna try to theorycrft a viable build from this l8er, if I cannot, I just let it goes.

After at all, I don't think ignite/burning got suck in 3.0.0, just works differently.
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I was trying to theory craft a SB build and I believe this is the best bet: https://pastebin.com/FSJNBt5w

https://pastebin.com/35aXvaC4- w/o burning looks like around 240K DPS, so honestly not too shabby. I might league start with this build next time actually. Seems like it might be fun and most of the uniques are cheap. You can run the same thing with burning for a little less DPS.

It doesn't use Xoph's but uses Lioneye's glare to make accuracy irrelevant, which is a big bonus, because taking the accuracy nodes either makes your crit bad or your HP pool low.

One thing I did notice was that mana was going to be an issue, I was thinking of taking BM but wasn't sure how many auras I could take without getting ripped. And didn't want to spend money on the Kaoms.

To note: I did try building with Xoph's and my conclusion was as I expected. Not enough HP and lower DPS and hit chance.

All in all, I don't think it's that great. Looks like ~120k DPS with good gear, but pretty good survivability and leech so it's probably a decent Uber farmer. I just don't know if it would be better than something like Flame totems for example.
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