[3.0]Elemental Blade Vortex - Inquisitor

I want to introduce my build. Need advice to continue and development!
Current progress: Testing

Path of Building Code

//28.07.17 - Ver. 0.1 beta


-Relative Cheap
-Easy to start in a league, easy to level up
-65k dps with 5 blades/350k dps with 20 blades on 5 Link
-100k dps with 5 blades/550k dps with 20 blades on 6 link
-Due inquisitor ignore a resist on crit
-Shield Charge or Whirling Blades are both can be fast

-Weak life leech abilities
-Approx 6k life + 1k mana @ Mom (Can be boosted by rings and better items)

Leveling Guide

Act1: Grab Freezing Pulse + Fire Trap upto a Siren. There you can switch to firestorm. Make +1 Fire weapon and use with that.

Act2 Grab HoT and HoI giving enough elemental damage and keep some mana for clarity..

Easy to go up to Act 3 Library there you can go library and get your BV and Phys to Lightning gem.

After theses should be faceroll the game upto mapping.

Keep you res and hp pool as high as you can.

Will come more section..
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Hey man I might play this build in 3.0.

How is the testing going ?

Also interested in this build!
i ran similar BV last league and was able to clear the atlas with it, but i was running fire not full elemental.

I used Razor of the Seventh Sun with Eye of Innocence to and 2 mokou's embrace for the ignition.
For the BV i run 6L:
Blade Vortex + Controlled Destruction + Spell Echo + Chance to Ignite + Area of Effect + Added Fire Dmg
Supported by the Flammability + Blasphemy (35% to ignite)
I was around 7k hp @ lvl 90, but i am sure you can get it to 8-9k without much effort.

I am sure this setup can easily be converted to the semi AFK setup with some essence of hysteria and a some better items then i had..

It worked great for me, so I dont see why yours cant.
Added leveling section..
Can share 1 video ?
so any videos guys? or thoughts? can it faceroll bosses? what about t15+ maps? ehat about leech?
Hello, Can I make this build with voidbattery + belly of the beast ? I already have belly with 5l and I can buy voidbattery I also ask is vinktar necessary for this build ? I want to use with Lion's roar what you think?I never played inquisitor before can I take ascension tip ?
How are you generating power charges?

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