[2.6-3.0] RF Spellcasting Slayer - Unusual build with good clear speed

Current DPS potential: 150-200k. This is a little on the low side if you want to be doing guardians and shaper so I doubt it's going to be particularly viable for the toughest bosses in the game. It is however pretty good at everything else in 2.6 and it will be stronger in 3.0.

Build Concept
This build utilizes the following gameplay mechanics:
* Slayer can leech up to 43% of his life per second, regardless of whether or not he is full life. My tree only takes 38% though because the last 5% isn't very efficient.
* Slayer also has access to enough regen to make RF stable without leech.
* With a RoTF, purity of fire, and the max fire res node, RF drains about 10% of your life per second.
* Slayer gets 20% of overkill damage leeched as life.
* Flameblast does a LOT of overkill damage. A non-crit 10 stack flameblast can deal damage in excess of 70k on a 4 link, or 40k with leech attached(not sure if this is really needed)
* Flame surge has high damage, high cast speed, and deals bonus damage to burning enemies. It is perfect for building up lots of medium strength(a couple seconds) leech stacks quickly when fighting bosses.
* Elemental overload.
* Shield charge fortify.

So the basic idea is that for clearing trash mobs, you turn on RF, nuke a pack with flameblast and you're set for leech for the next 30-60 seconds. You shield charge around with RF and things just die as you run past them. You use orb of storms to keep up elemental overload. When you encounter a rare or unique enemy, you use flame surge to ensure your leech stays up and to kill them more quickly. In theory you should only have to move if a one shot is coming at you or you're under very very heavy fire. Stable RF enables you to get your leech up against bosses like izaro and makes disengaging the boss less risky. However, if leech isn't already running, you need to facetank the boss for at least a few seconds to get your leech up.


My theorycrafted damage for "ok" gear is in the 150-200k range depending on what support gems are used. This is either using a tabula to put the emphasis on flame surge damage or a Kaom's to put the emphasis on defense and RF damage. I'd recommend the Kaom's but obviously that costs a lot more.


Since the leech on slayer is so high, you don't really need anything other than 75% fire res and enough damage to hit the leech cap to run RF. However, gear is still important and the build will improve a lot with the right uniques.

As a general priority, you want as much life and strength as you can get on your gear. For uniques, you will want Doryani's Catalyst, Rise of the Phoenix, Essence Worm, and Kaom's Heart. These give you damage, max fire res, max fire res via free aura, and life respectively. The helmet and gloves should be particular types of essence rares(horror helmet, delirium gloves) as they substantially improve the 4L damage on your spells(righteous fire should go in the gloves, either flame surge or flameblast goes in the helmet depending on your chest). The rest should just be about stacking as much flat life as you can manage.

This is the gear on my test char in standard

Skill Gem Links

Links on flame surge are fire pen, leech(for leech) and echo(to build up enough stacks). If you have it in a 6L just add conc effect and ele focus.

Links on flameblast are fire pen, ele focus, faster casting.

RF gets burning damage, ele focus, and either conc effect or increased effect(depends on situation).

These are all set up in my PoB link for the skill tree as well.


You need a dousing flask for emergencies.

You also need an anti-bleed flask for the atziri trio. Immune to bleeding while leeching doesn't mean immune to corrupted blood or that bleeding ground effect.

Other than that it's basically up to you.


I currently just have this planned as a sponge build with high life and leech. You will want fortify though.


No clue as of yet, I doubt it will be fun early on. You might be able to get RF going after the first ascendancy and gem vendor but no promises.

It's probably best to level as bows or melee and respec later on...
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Thanks for the guide, this looks fun!
I'm interested in trying this for 3.0 but as my character I will be playing together with my wife. We will spend most, if not all, time levelling. I will do something with discharge or perhaps another coc explosion for my solo character.
Do you not recommend this build in that case? As fun to play while levelling is my top priority for this character.
You mentioned leveling as a bow. Any builds come to mind with a same/similar skill tree?
If this build is not suited for my playstile currently I might try it out some other time.
Thanks for your time to share your build!
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Hello Guys,

Need help please look on my PoB https://pastebin.com/eUmXRihH what Im making wrong please my life regen is bad
Fallconnery wrote:
Need help please look on my PoB https://pastebin.com/eUmXRihH what Im making wrong please my life regen is bad

0. Theorycrafting with Level 1 gems is a really bad idea, especially when Purity of Fire is a large portion in reducing your regen requirements.

1. Wrong Bandit choice. Oak for Life Regen.
2. Endurance Charge regen node. (Not actually required, but nice)
3. Regen nodes near Scion. On that note: health nodes near Scion are essential for RF dps. (If RF is primary) and massive boosts to the sponge pool in general.
4. This is a Slayer build.. you've linked a Guardian build. You only have 0.2% elemental leech.
5. Travels too far up the tree. HP > Fire/Burning nodes.
6. Jewel sockets are 7% HP and ~30% inc fire/burning damage.

RF DPS in this build isn't great (~117k DPS..) - could be improved with different items.

General Theory:

Flameblast could hit for ~113k (per mob) with EE.


Altered build - https://pastebin.com/7FM9fxt0
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