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Hey guys, I'm pretty sure the idea I have in theory is sound and will work extremely well in 3.0 but of course its not 3.0 right now. Anyways, I have tried quite a few different things to try to get this build to work now and I just cant get the damage. The theory was to stack tons of accuracy and the highest I did manage to get on one of the setups I ran was 29,000 and that was duel wielding swords. My first idea was hey let me use spectral throw and add in Obscurantis to make the accuracy do more than just stack attack speed from the juggernaut passive. So with just 25,000 accuracy which is pretty easy to do actually, that gives us 125% attack speed and 125% projectile damage but sadly it just didnt work. I wanted to retry this theory with the new skill coming out charged dash since attack speed extremely important and movement speed. Everyone else is thinking raider, shadow etc but I was figuring Juggernaut could be useful for this. I wouldn't bother using Obscurantis though and with the ability to convert 100% of the damage to lightning I believe the damage COULD be there. I'm just wishing I could get some solid feedback on some of this, I also did try bows and that wasn't too shabby honestly but I have tinkered with this alot and Im exhausted and irritated because I'm trying my damnest to come up with something truly unique and cool but something just isnt clicking.

Items I have currently on my dude but its not limited to or final because I literally tried many different combinations.

Skill Tree but the last thing I was trying was with axes so its skill towards that a bit

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Not sure what you expect and what you mean by "can't get the damage". You won't get godtier damage just with 125% increased on a build that's not going crit and has nothing else to scale from.

If you want to improve the dps:
1) get good weapons to have good base damage
2) use steel rings with added physical damage for example
3) get some auras/heralds
4) I'd drop death oath and death rush, which means you don't have to focus on chaos res (until you have very good gear and nothing to do with your currencies), they really don't give you much. Allows you to get more res/life and free slots for better dps options. 13% AS when you're already at +180% is really not that much.
5) then you can use a rustic sash and you can probably find some useful uniques like brinerot whalers.
6) use a 6 link
7) get proper support gems, not sure what you're using
8) get some levels, i'm usually not basing my build around level 78

If you don't have the currency for all that, as you're just theorycrafting, just use path of building. Haven't played spectral throw, but you can probably compare the dps you get with the dozens of spectral throw builds out there (in shadow/ranger forums probably).

So all in all, don't expect miracles, and push the build harder before saying it's crap.
Not sure if I should be thanking you for your reply or not. I can start from the top and go from there though, I'm not expecting to just be able to scale just from 125% projectile and speed. I'm trying to build around that idea as I stated above and those two things are kind of like a bonus. I thought about critical before but I didn't go that route with the 8 or so different styles i tried with this. I didn't go into much detail on what I've tried and what I haven't tried etc. I guess when I don't go into much detail I wont get a very good answer. I'm asking for help though, not for sarcastic remarks. I'm trying to get some other peoples views on what I've done and perhaps hoping someone can fit the piece I might not be thinking of. The first thing I did try with this was with bows, I did shrapnel shot with doomfletch and went for the double cone damage etc. The bow is actually 6 linked and worked very well up until mapping it got a bit more difficult since I don't have alot of pen. Barrage was okay but wouldnt work for clear speed but bosses it wasn't too shaby but didnt work well with doomfletch. Lioneyes wasn't too bad but was a bit pointless since I have so much accuracy. I tried mixing the best bow skills also with pointblank for lots of damage. Again it worked okay but as I said something was/is missing. I tried out hitless,Ngamahu's Flame, Varnusta or whatever and the list goes on. Maybe the build just wont really work and thats fine I guess. I used and use path of building and the numbers looked OKAY and I did it with okayish gear but just because something looks good on paper doesnt mean its going to transfer over well to the actual thing. My main focus lately was using skills that already had a more multiplier for attack speed, which are blade flurry, cyclone, and I want to say soon to be charged dash when it comes out but I didn't try flicker but I doubt it would work well.
Nothing sarcastic mate.

You're showing no weapon, a 5l with the wrong gems, enduring cry but no immortal call, empty sockets. So I started with the basics...

If you're not happy with the answer, well show the real gear, dps, and what's your threshold for "viable" build.

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