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Looking for a cheap starter build that has endgame scaling potential? Want a good boss farmer for the upcoming 3.0 expansion that can do all content on softcore, and most on hardcore? Like totems that look like overcooked sausages? Well look no further, as Ancestral Warchief is the build for you!

Cheap, affordable build that has endgame scaling with investment.(great league starter!)

Safe as with any totem build.(since you do not need to engage the enemy)

Can do all map mods [excluding Elemental weakness if no GG gear].(though some are annoying, such as Phys reflect)

Can farm Uber izaro/Atziri at the start very effectively.

Guardian + Shaper Viable in hardcore with experience and gear (uber atziri not recommended on HC)

Can do every single map in the game.(including bosses)[with experiences of course]

You pick marauder, the manliest of the classes on POE.(sadly pants included)

Very Unique item orientated, making gearing for the character a bit easier due to not having to look for specific rares.

Very Unique item orientated, thus will almost never be elemental weakness capped (except with GG gear/Jewels). Resistance is needed on jewels and tree as well to compensate for lack of resistances.

Totem based build, might offput a few people that dislike the totem playstyle.

You can only pick marauder (beserker or chieftain) so if you wanted to be a puny templar/duelist this is not the build for you.

Steel rings are needed to scale into endgame.(which can be expensive to craft/purchase)

Mapping can be slow on this character. {especially the chieftain variant)

Ascendancy choices:

Marauder is the class you pick, so that leaves only two choices. Beserker vs Chieftain. Are you softcore? Go Beserker. Are you hardcore? Go Chieftan. Problem solved.


More damage and attack speed, increasing mobility.(smoother mapping experience)

Instant 25% life/mana recovery with warcry.(smoother mapping experience yet again)

Warcry effectiveness goes up, cooldown goes down.

Totemic Zeal is needed, making it easier to get more res (sentinel + Jewel socket)


More damage taken due to ascendancy.(see Aspect of Carnage)

Less life then the chieftain counterpart (due to getting more resistance + Jewel socket)

Totems do not have any way of taking aggro, so maneuvering is key


More health and access to leech, increasing survivability.

Totems can taunt, requiring less mobility.(careful, some bosses cannot be taunted)

Totemic zeal is not picked up, freeing up points for more life at the expense of a jewel socket and resistance.


Less attack speed, less totem placement speed, mapping is slower

Requires more res on gear/jewels for end game.(early you can just get res nodes)

No mana regen, rallying cry is mandatory.(unlike beserker that can use any warcry)

The build levels relatively smooth, having good dps throughout the entire leveling experience except between the levels 1-12.


You want to make sure you start looking for the aforementioned items being Facebreaker, Meginords and Deidbell. Just level with Cleave to 12, then Sunder. Leveling uniques such as Goldrim, Wanderlust and Screaming Eagle help.

Continue using sunder, should still feel strong and smooth during these levels. You also want to start making sure you get the gear required to switch to AWC during this time.

Switch whenever possible. Required gear needed to switch are flat physical damage rings/amulets, Deidbell, Facebreakers, and Meginords (Deep one's hide or a rare shield with flat physical helps too.) Level with sunder or AWC when you switch. Be on the lookout for other gear such as great one's ward, Martial artistry, spire of stone, etc.

By now, you want to make sure you start getting all your end game gear except a few luxury items such as steel rings. Bringer of Rain, Lion's Roar, Great one's ward, Abyssus (if softcore)should be prioritized along with a insane Turquoise (T1 flat, life, resistances, stats)


By now you just want to grab Steel rings, craft them, maybe switch out your amulet if you need different resistance etc, and whether or not you want to make an investment towards Tukohama's Fortress.

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