3.0 Spectral Throw slayer Theory crafting

Hi Folks,

this is my first ever build after playing Demis Lacerate Build, i thought "this could work with spectral through too" and I would like to know what you think.

Build would look somehow like this:

Lategame target would be to get Atziri's disfavour to be able to get bleed on enemys and maybe add some bleed notes in the passive tree.

Please let me know your thoughts. My only worry is that attackspeed might be a problem. But with frenzys, and bloodrage could be fine.

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You are a slayer so you get a 20% culling strike. You don't need the executionner node. Instead use these points for having some jewels in your tree. And get for example the threshold jewel for spectral throw?
you can also get the butchery node for 5% attackspeed and more physical damage.
Hi thanks for the feedback.

Yes I left Jewels out for the moment as I was just thinking about the possibility to make the build work at all. As theres no Slayer Spectral Throw build at all which made me wonder.

I would respec executionner nodes after merciles lab of course but I thought it my be a good addition early in the game. Allthough the 24% Damage are still fine for the build i think.

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I do think you should take the culling strike node in your normal lab. It is really nice for speeding the levelling process. This is why I would then prefer using butchery instead of executioner.

Also you are using the blood magic node. Are you planning on not using auras? I'd prefer when I play slayer to use a bloodmagic support gem in my movement skill and craft 0.4% phys damage leeched as mana (and then having hatred and blasphemy + temporal chains as I play usually my slayer melee°
As i said i copied most of it from demigods lacerate build. He plays cast on damage taken + enfeeble instead of auras. So no i wouldnt play with auras necessarily. I should have said that i normally only play hardcore. So the life leech goes over speed for safety reasons imo.
OK it makes sense then. In general with my leap slam + endurance charge on stun I feel tanky enough to take directly the culling strike but I play melee slayer with sweep (knockback) and temporal chains soo except projectile I am pretty safe...

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