[3.0] BleedMan - let them die on the way

Hello all,

I wanted to share with you yet another gladiator bleed build :) this is my league starter and to be honest it works really well and clears very quickly ( you can literally use shield charge to inflict bleed and kill all trash and most elites in 1 hit)

So without further due, here are all the details:


main facts:
- 135% chance to bleed - we all need 100% obviousdly, but nodes are usually
- 220% increase bleed damage
- Resolute Technique and Unwavering Stance
- 190% life from tree

Bandints and ascendancy:
- kill all bandits
- In order: Gratuitous Violence -> blood in the eyes -> painforged -> Violent Retailation

Leveling tree:


getting out of duelist area


more travel across the tree - grabbing RT and US


getting some much needed bleed nodes, as well as life


more life and block nodes to improve defences


even more life also filling the remining bleed nodes and getting into ranger area, for the life and damage (this is optional, and instead you may want to get more damage or go down for Crimson Dance - if you would like)

No gear required*
(*if you do not use any gear the skills may not work and you will end up dying all the time, some base rare gear is strongly advisable to use at all times)

uniques to consider:

Lioneye's Remorse shield - very defensive shield, maybe pricey at start.
The Surrender - expensive but really good, as you can have a stun setup or another defensive setup here to proc on block
Daresso's Courage - a cheap shield with tri res and some phys damage increase

Belly of the Beast - great all around chest, lots of life and all res
Atziri's Splendour - armour version, good all around, but can be expensive
Skin of the Loyal - 6L with somewhat decent defences if rest of the gear is good

Kaom's Roots - allow to drop Unwavering Stance and use the point somwhere else plus give a huge chunk of life, minus no sockets, movement speed or resitance
Death's Door - well, we all know why they are so good :)..... and very pricey

Haemophilia- bleed, dot gloves - what else do you want ( they are not technically needed as you are capped on bleed chance anyway, but they do give some nice buff to bleed/poison damage)

Voll's Vision - pretty decent life helm with regen, if you dont want to corrupt your items

Soul Taker - more auras for you and low rolled ones are pretty cheap

Callinellus Malleus - aka the crab hand (just great damage but nothing fancy)
Breath of the Council - probably will be pricey too, but its a great mace


Shield charge - fortify - faster attacks - Maim (although not our main attack, you will see that its enough for mobs to die from the bleed proc'ed)

sunder - multistrike - melee physical damage - brutality - Deadly Ailments - conc effect or Unbound Ailments

Blasphemy - vulnerability - Artic armour

Flame Golem

additional gem setups:

CWDT - immortal call - molten shell - increase duration

Reckoning/Riposte - stun - knockback (very much experimental, but i feel it will add a decent utility setup for croud control while you shiled charge)

My stuff so far - total invemstment 4c (paid 3c for the mace, 1 alch for the gloves and alch for the previous weapon i've been using)

I will update the guide once I made further progress.

Let me know what you guys think.

YES I support the game, NO I dont agree with many GGG decisions
Atlas of Worlds is the worst thing that happen to POE.
Lab still sucks balls.
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