Cyclone Raider with Edge of Madness 3.0

So I have an idea for a Raider Cycloner with Edge of Madness. It probably won't work but I've had some success going to early red maps without any guides on other builds I've done so hopefully i got my head screwed on tight. The idea is simple, max out damage on Poison, Damage over Time and Chaos (with some physical). For defence i'm going full on evasion with acrobatics. I'll let you know my progress.

Tree at around Level 28

Tree at around level 90
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Well I've gotten it to level 40 and so far it's been going really well. Getting to lvl 28 was the hardest part so far, but as soon as I got there I've steamrolled over every piece of content since. I will update the original post with the starting tree.
Hey man, definitely sounds like an interesting build. I just made my ranger, will be trying this as my second character. Whats your ign? I would like to add you to keep up to date with you

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