[3.0.0] CoMK Doryani's Fist build ! AKA "Thunderpunch" (Build of the week hype !) W/ Video


NOTE : This build will sadly be dead in 3.1 due to the vaal pact changes, it has to be rebuilt from scratch, i'll try my best to bring back a stronger version of this with the new changes.

This build has a pretty amazing clear speed AND not a slave to the meta ! (good point for some people) It's guaranteed to be fun !
Shield charge linked to Shock nova and cast on melee kill for map clearing, Doryani's touch skill and ancestral warchief for single target.

Here's the pastebin of the current character : https://pastebin.com/5sBcVaAW (for path of building)

Video of the build in a blue Bog map, i know it's not a big deal but it's just a showcase of the build, didn't even clear map. :


New video : T14 Maze map with 40% increased mobs/boss elemental resistances, that's worth noting !


How is the build's survivability ? :

This is a showcase of how the build survives in the midst of packs, map is a t10 shaped dunes :


You can see the life pool refilling speed with leech, that's why i chose fast hitting spells.

The build is basically an elemental facebreaker, performs better in my opinion. it is budget (i have a 6l but it's not necessary, just fancy stuff. Works perfectly fine on a 5L).

If you want to check my profile, Character name of this build is : TouchOfNust

Any ideas / opinions are welcome !

-This build uses the old but revisited unique called Doryani's Fist :

It now has a new skill on it, Doryani's touch, wich will be our single target skill.
Another mandatory unique is Lycosidae :

-I chose lycosidae instead of going Resolute technique so that i can still be able to crit and proc Elemental Overload

-But how can I crit when unarmed cannot crit ?

- I have a CWDT setup, lowest possible levels, that serves two purposes :
1 - Makes me able to crit, so i can proc elemental overload
2 - It is how the build survives any incoming damage, with berserker 100% leech and vaal pact, i chose fast hitting skills to leech life at a fast rate :

Try to get crit strike as enchantment for the boots, it helps a lot !
I also count on Reckoning to leech life back.

Main map clearing setup :

You don't need a 6L for this to work, you can remove Innervate on a 5L.

Jewelry :

Look for life and resists on your jewelry, and occasionally Elemental damage with attacks and flat lightning damage, not that important tho.

Single target setup :

Just drop the ancestral warchief and SLAM away !

Auras :

Wrath and conductivity + blasphemy. Also chose lightning golem for extra attack speed.

Jewels :

3x Grand spectrum (Viridian ones), 1x Martial Artistry and two rares with life and damage if possible !

Flasks :

Skill tree at level 92 :

What ascendancy did i take first ? :

In order : Crave the slaughter > Pain Reaver > Cloaked in Savagery > Aspect of Carnage

Try doing the uber lab as fast as you can, look for someone to carry you if needed, Aspect of Carnage is extremely powerful to delay taking it.

Bandits : Kill all
Pantheon : Brine king and Yugul

Pros :
+ High survivability, always leeching !
+ Relatively cheap to achieve, 6L is by no mean needed.
+ Really fast clear speed, comparable to old CoC and cospri's builds.
+ High single target damage
+ It's something fresh and new :)

Cons :
- Can be slow without blood rage and good flasks usage
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Elemental Damage with Attacks on Doryanis Fists increases the damage even more.
Wouldn't the "Modifiers to Claw [...] also apply to Unarmed" of Rigwald's Curse be really good with this build?

We can leveling with claw, and then switch to these fists with some weapon elemental bonus.

Any idea for the tree? Couldn't find your version in your profile's characters Zazoumar.
I think I'll love this! Please keep updating! Thanks, man!!
I have updated the thread, check the edit above !
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Large upgrades if you have the Life/Resists elsewhere:

Berek's Respite and/or The Taming Ring

Prismweave Belt
Tried a Raider path, works well I think as dodge and attack speed / more damage should help unarmed.

But I feel our main skill need polish from GGG. It's mana cost seems off (4~5x more than other melee skills) and don't work with multistrike but is too slow without, even with a lot of attack speed (39% from tree, 49% from charges, now add gear).

However my main problem is the clearing skill. I really don't like Shield Charge, I can't understand how to make it reliable. So many time it goes off the target, and don't get mobs in it's AoE.

If Charged Dash is tweaked to work with unarmed - which should be the case when you read the description but isn't - I think it would works really well. You could even choice between CoMK and CwC then!

Should this 2 problems were solved by GGG I think it could make a great build, but right now I can't find a way to make it fun to play for me :(

Link to my char: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/bejarid/characters?characterName=DoryaniTouch
Yes gear isn't great, but nothing too bad either ^^

Edit: Mathil try to theorycraft with doryani's touch too on his stream, but for now all he says is "it sucks" :p
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I have added a video showcasing the build, it's a blue map, nothing dangerous but it shows how the build work

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