3.0 Cyclone Soul taker gladiator

First time leveling a gladiator in beta

Uber lab down level 79 with 4.5k hp face tanking izaro

gear Bringer of Rain - Maim Support - Brutality support - Fortify support - Cyclone.

Lioneye's Remorse - Determination - Blasphemy support -Warlord's mark

Soul taker - Faster attack - Shield charge - Leap slam

Haemophilia Serpentscale Gauntlets - Temptest shield - Blood rage - BM support - Enduring cry

Boots Riposte - Reckoning - Bloodlost support - Melee Physical damage support.

Amulet The anvil.

Rumni's Concotion


For the moment im level 85 and I pretty much face rolled all the map content so far with pretty much any dmg mods.

With bad armor glove and boots with aura and elixir im around 33k with 85% dmg reduction 78% chance to block attack and spell.

Tactic for pretty much everymap is facetank every thing.

More detail when I try guardian

Last bumped on Dec 13, 2017, 2:48:35 PM
where did u get dex and int from?? with 5 uniques its very hard without spec points into dex and int.
I'm liking it my gear is bad side currently but I'm in standered so my legacy BoR is doing all the dirty work for me .. facetanking!!!!
Last edited by Ryeuken on Aug 7, 2017, 9:52:56 AM
What other melee gems can we use instead of cyclone? or it has to be "cyclone" ?
is there any update on this?
Nice build

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