[3.0] Chiftain RF SR - CWC maybe?

Sup all,

Firstly, before you will slap me for the bad skill tree, I just want to say, I usually play and path on the right top side of the tree.

I want to do something different this time around, and as I had a chance to try a pure RF char last league for the first time, I though that I may do something like that, as just RF felt pretty damn boring gameplay wise.

So I was thinking to spice things up a bit and maybe make a RF Scorching Ray guy. Maybe even do a RF SR with cwc and firestorm maybe, just cause I really like cwc mechanics.

so here is the tree:

gear wise its the usual thing like with RF.
stuff like (this is from my RF guy):

4L: RF - elemental focus - increase burning dmg - increase aoe/conc eff
6L: Scorching Ray - controlled destruction - increase burning dmg - void manipulation - elemental focus - empower/firepen
6L CWC: Scorching Ray - CWC - Firestorm - controlled destruction - fire pen - increase aoe/conc eff (for bosses)

4L: shield charge - curse on hit - flamibility - faster attacks (this is a maybe, cause I may end up using blasphemy)

4L cwdt lvl 8'ish - flamibility - molten shell - increase duration (alt curse/defensive setup)

Not sure which way i would go, but im sure that going cwc i should go zerker instead (for the leech).
Would love to hear what you guys and girls have to say about it.

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Thermomix The second, A.k.a Aka showing off his build

All i can say honestly, i loved Rf as a concept of dealing damage, buffing damage, and generally burning like a crazy madman, but never wanted to focus purely on it. The build works with both flameblast or scorching ray, tho i prefer the former as it provides way higher damage due to ignites and a huge chunk of extra leech on top.

You can check the finalized version at lv93 in my profile, remaking the build for 3.0 and it looks like nothing really changed besides breach uniques being a bit more expensive.

Its fun TANKY, with all capital, and overall feels so good to play, having not to worry about mana management, sustain, flask upkeep, or whatever that would make other meta builds somewhat more tiring to play, this is your spam away and killshit type of build.
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