[2.6/3.0] 10k Life Caustic Arrow

The 10k life can be achieved with legacy Kaom's Heart. Currently at 8.2k life. Damage at 24k/s(39k if calculated in Concentrated Effect) with no frenzy. 33k with 7 frenzies up. (Missing 1 on boots) (Gems no fully leveled either)

There is still some optimization that could be had most in whether Pierce is even worth it. I could save 3 points, lose about 25% increased damage, gain 10% more damage. Gain about 40 life and 46%+ resist. Also, the helmet enchant could be better, it's 20% increased damage right now compared to 40% i could be potentially getting or 12% increased AOE.

I don't know why people abandoned Blood Dance. It's just a loss of some life regen.

Also, the gem slots on the boots are just random open slots.


Bandits: 40 life(Oak) -> Point(Eramir) -> Frenzy Charge(Kraityn)

Ascendancy: Far Shot -> Endless Munition -> Fast and Deadly -> Rupture(I rather not deal with those annoying puncture mobs than gain 10% increased damage)

For 3.0 Just drop Dirty Techniques and Thick Skin and Get Method to the Madness and jewel socket.
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le clickb8
cape413 wrote:
le clickb8

I guess I lied, it's around 11k if you get some lucky essences.
I take this build for 3.0. Thx dude! ^_^ Write down please on the main thing about the important thing about Jewel

If you want this thread to be added to my Ranger Build List you need to add some more information.
You might find useful this thread with guide templates.

could you update the passive tree to 3.0?
also maybe add some info on how to progress? what gems to usse while leveling ? what gear and so on
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anyone tested in harbinger?

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