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3.0 S(SF maybe) Tank Build, this one viable? Help is welcomed!

Hey guys, so I came back after what feels like ages and only hit T11 Maps with my current Character. As 3.0 should be comming pretty soon (especially for me gaming wise), I wanted to prepare a build for 3.0. DO NOTE: I haven't done any myself yet so you might have to prepare your eyes for this skill-tree lol.
It should be very tanky, let's say I'm still pretty bad and currently suffer quite some deaths. It also shouldn't rely on uniques to get going as I want to use it ASAP without having to grind currency to buy that stuff. It won't drop for me most probably, you guys may know that feeling. Later on some uniques may be fine or some "common drops" early on.
So this is what I came up with:


Looking at the attributes it gives, it should provide alot of tankiness while still having "some" added damage. Max Block ( + Reckoning), stacking armour on the base of gear, getting HP on gear and capping resistances while going for a one-hand and a shield should make this pretty beefy.
I will play solo and "being slow" is not that big of a problem as the first character. Still, I would love ANY help or suggestions you guys can offer. As Damage Skills, I will have a look at that when 3.0 hits, or you guys can tell me what works best this way :).

Solo (maybe Self-Found), no mandatory Uniques, high survivability, low clearspeed - looking for suggestions regarding tankiness, early helpful uniques, making the skilltree better maybe, what main damage skill?
Last bumped on Jul 7, 2017, 7:52:47 PM

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