TS/Barrage pure phys build for 3.0 THEORYCRAFTING

Hey fellow legue of assassins :)

So I want to try a pure phys crit build for 3.0 with the new brutality and main gems, but I'm not sure if it can measure up to the toughest content.

So I've put together a build I think might work in Path of Building and was hoping someone could check it out and give some feedback on what they think.

Kind regards
Newbie Builder

Here is the link: https://pastebin.com/QtwgvccK
So get the import data from there and check it out.
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212 views and not a single person has shared their thoughts on the build :(

Come on people give me some feedback ^^
looks quite alright imo, but in the current state of poe i think that elemental builds have more potential overall
should be playable nonetheless

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