[3.0] Nuro's Harp Scion Ascendant(Raider/Assassin) Ice Shot/Shrapnel shot[WiP]

Hey right now im working on a Defensive Bow Build. I´m using the unique Bow Nuro's Harp

which has very low base damage but great defenensive property's together with pretty mch any Bow skill but may choice is probably Ice Shot or Shrapnelshot. Together with the scion ascendancy [Raider/Assassin] We get a rly nice Frenzy Charge Generator and a Maim on any critical Strike. This together with the enhanced Chill effect should be very effective even vs bosses. The build is still in WiP and didnt optimized it yet! Also its all Theory Craft atm. Here is the Path of Builder link https://pastebin.com/snNkrbUw Note; The DPS is misleading because i'm using pretty uber gear in ring, Quiver, Belt, Amulet slots. I would say you should deduct 50% - 60% Total DPS but not i`m not really sure didnt do the math yet. If you got improvements for the build lemme hear it and if i did anything that won`t work please let me know.

Excuse me for my bad English :3

If u don't have or want to use Path of Building here another link:


Other Uniques i would use and try:

Dont have the actual Version only Legacy ones but doesnt rly matter give alot of flat cold damage.

The Wise Oak

The Pandemonius

Hyrri's Ire Gives hella alot of flat cold damage or a Belly of the Beast and so on.

Tasalio's Sign for a budget version of the rings. Has really nice damage but not life and low gives us Low Resistance.
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this with 2 snake pits could be very strong
I'm currently trying something similar but with Lightning Arrow.
Is it working ?
ign : Orbist_Lightning

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