3.0/2.6 Assasin blast rain build. Armagedon hunter.

This is my firs build writen, so don't judge me so hard.
Also i'm not so good in english so i can make a lot of mistakes.

So the Armagedon Hunter's guide starts here.

We are beggining with our main skill.
It's definetely blast rain - i just like it the most cause you actually need only 1 6l to clear maps and kill bosses.

Next we need to choose our gear.

First woul be the helmet and it's -


Devoto is just nice for me. You can go for Starkonjas or Rat's nest or whatever you want. Rare helmet with accuracy on it would be good to, but i'm don't stacking accuracy so much so i got around 87% chance to hit and i'm good with it. Try to get "75% chance for 5th blast with blast rain" it's like 20% increased damage.

Next we need to choose our body armour -


QoTF is the best choose for us, also it will be buffed in 3.0 top rolled QoTF will be reaching 3k eva and maybe we'll get some hp buff. Perfect fing.

Boots and gloves -


Just go for nice rare items with resists you need and life. Also try to get flat lightning damage on gloves and movespeed on boots if posible.

Quiver -


Just rare quiver with lightning resist, wed and some crit multi. You can go with any base you want, i crafted this by myself, so i just walking with this. You can go for rearguard over the rare quiver if you can overcap you lightning resist (i explain it a bit later.) without it, it's nice defensive option with rumi's flask.

Mext we go for 2 core items of this build.

Bow first -


It's definetely tempest. Yep we go for full lightning damage, and this bow is a beast for it's budget. 100% increased lightning damage, nice attack speed - it's perfect bow for us.

Amulet next -


Yep, choirs of the storm. Hope we would able to get this in 3.0 cause this amulet is a BEAST - it gives us some crit, but the most tasty part of it is 50% inc lightning damage on crit and lightning bolt an crit - so far i'm playing LB shocks enemies like 90% of the time, so if you are scared for boss a bit and don't wanna go close to him to shock him with vinktars, you can just shoot him from range and it will shock him.

Rings -


Just rare rings with resists and WED. If you got enough currency you can go for opal rings, they would be much better. But for my budget this rings is ok.

Belt -


Just rare belt with life, WED and resists. You can go for nice doryani's belt with lightning roll but it's kinda expensive.

And now we go for flasks -


Our core flasks is vinktars with either flat lightning or lightning pen, nest is wise oak - more lightning pen and reason why we need to go for overcapped lightning res, and basalt flask. You can go for rumi's instead of basalt flask - with rearguard you will be defensive asf. last 2 slots are optional, i'm playing without life flask, but if you think your crit is good enough without diamond flask go for bleed imune life flask. My last flask is quicksilver flask - i'm trying to get less charges used - bleed imune now, but for now - this one is very good.

For gem links.

All gems go in their priority.

Main 6l setup - Blast rain + Add Lightning + Coc effect + Wed + Faster attacks + lightning pen.

Secondary 5l setup - Frenzy + GMP + Faster attacks + curse on hit + ele weakness. It's our source to sustain frenzy charges on bosses, and also nice curse increasing our damage.

CWDT setup - immortal call + CWDT + increased duration + ice golem

Buff setup - Wrath + Herald of thunder + Enlighten + portal. You can go with empover of you have lvl 4 enlighten. This setup will show the true power with +1 to socketed gems gloves.

Movement skill setup - Blink arrow + faster attacks. In two separated slot's i'm puting Blood rage and gem for leveling. You can go with blood rage and inc duration.

Dps screenshot. Full buffed + golem up + blood rage + all charges up. Currently lvl 87.


DemiGod's "Lemon Prime" got 64k dps full buffed. The dps doesen't count 50% more lightning damage on crit. So far i fink we are ahead of demi's Lemon Prime.

Reaching lvl 90 in around 1-2 days. Then i'll go for all the guardians and shaper.

Here we go i think. Wish at least someone will read this post full of mistakes. Also wish that at least someone will try this build out.

For the end i'll leave a skill tree here.
Our ascendancy is of course assasin - first go for deadly infusion, then for assasinate. We got no bleed and poision here cause they will be nerfed in 3.0 so it's nerf viable build.


Special credits to this thread, and guy who wrote it. If not him, maybe i'll don't even think about the power this cheap bow can reach.


Will be updating post with screenshots and videos. Will be happy if you try to make this build better.

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Hi, hows's the build doing for you so far (if you played it)? Blast Rain is such an amazing skill but there's so little builds about it cause it's getting replaced by Barrage most of the time :(
Hi, I'm just starting this build and was wondering what the best way to level it till I hit 28 when I get Blast Rain is?
Hi, I'm just starting this build and was wondering what the best way to level it till I hit 28 when I get Blast Rain is?

Sorry, was a bit lazy and wasn't able to answer.
I was lvlin with storm cloud/shrapnel shot untill i get to blast rain.
Also you can use split arrow/LA and barrage setup if you are able to get double 5l/6l.
But due to barrage nerf, i think blast rain with helm enchant pretty similar to barrage with 4 arrows, cause you can have just 1 6l.
But if you got sum serious money, just do it with 2 6l barrage split arrow setup. New jewel with split arrow (if it is in the release) would be much better than blst rain.
Yusheex wrote:
Hi, hows's the build doing for you so far (if you played it)? Blast Rain is such an amazing skill but there's so little builds about it cause it's getting replaced by Barrage most of the time :(

Sorry for late answer, you generate em trough ascendancy. For bandits now i think now we can choose either alira or 2 points.
Any videos to showcase the build?
Voroseeg wrote:
Any videos to showcase the build?

Quit the build in 3.0
Was ok shaper killer in 2.6 with medium gear.
With alot curr in it would be still shaper viable on 3.0 i think.

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