[2.6 - 3.0] Duelist Gladiator DW Crit Blade Flurry

I saw the new support gems on Fall of Oriath beta and decided to make a Blade Flurry character with it. Then i got a huge dps on Path of Building and wanted to share it, but you can also adapt for 2.6 if you want to try out, just change the new gems for Added Fire Damage and Weapon Elemental Damage. Have fun!

I wouldn't recommend for Hardcore because thats a Glasscannon like build.

Build Stats numbers on Path of Building



-Fully Buffed Damage


Path of Exile Skilltree

Gems and links

Blade Flurry - Melee Physical Damage - Chance to Bleed - Maim - Increased Critical Strikes - Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE

Ancestral Warchief - Faster Attacks/Conf. Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Bloodlust

For auras

Hatred - Herald of Ash - Enlighten(lvl3+) - Arctic Armour

Other Utillity Gems

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify

Vaal Haste - Vaal Lightning Trap - Inc. Duration

Enduring Cry - Summon Ice Golem - Blood Rage


For gear you want standard melee crit gear, such as abyssus, Thrusting One Hand Swords, Diamond rings etc.

I recommend using Belly of The Beast unique chest piece for the life pool.

Little example of gear





You can look for a Rustic Sash for more damage too.



Here you can opt to change de Rumi's for a damage flask like Taste of Hate if you feel like.

With a Similiar skill tree path, but using a shield instead of going dual wield on 2.6, i managed to kill all Guardians, but had struggle on Shaper fight due to low fps on his second and mainly his third phase. That said, the dual wield can offer some greatly higher damage output comparing to the shield one i used.
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would you please upload the Path of Building file?
Sure thing man, here you go Link.
would you be able to just post the pastebin link in the forum instead of a mediafire link? not that I don't trust you, but just feels better when you don't have to download something unknown off the internet.

just go import / export build at top left, click generate, and then share with pastebin, and just copy and paste the entire link here, it shouldn't be too length to type out I don't mind thanks.
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Sure man, just uploaded a file because the dude asked for it Pastebin
Just started a new character to try this out. In which order do you take your ascendancy talent?
Get Gratuitous Violence > Blood in the Eyes > Outmatch and Oulast > Pain Forged
Hey man,i build a similar one like this with Axe's and Cleave with 2x Cleave Jew so pretty much the same skaling wise.

What i did for most of my builds,use instead of Main/Cance to Bleed - Phys. to Light/Ele Dmg. with Weapons.
Then u play Blasphemy with Ele. Weak to boost the dmg even more than with Herald of Ash.

Tell me if it is bullshit but this should boost dmg even mroe :D
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Surely pushes the damage up, with this you could try to fit a wise oak maybe, but i like the idea of playing a physical damage build and not a big fan of cleave, but thats a good idea.
Hi there! So i wanted your expert opinion on some tweaks i made to the build for a friend of mine. Hes never played and but i think would like this playstyle. However, to give him some buffer i made him sword and board vs dual wield and replaced your dual nodes with: Defiance, Vigor, Testudo, Retaliation and percise interception. As well as added duresso's courage as the sheild.

In path of building, his avg dps goes down about 40k so i didnt know if that much of a decrease negates the benefits of having him go sword and board.

Heres the pastebin for the sword and board build: https://pastebin.com/wJ0mE6yp

Really appreciate any help. :)

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