[3.0 Theorycraft] Scion Trickster/Deadeye Tornado Shot Bleed/Poison

Here is another build I worked out based on all the new additions for damage over time in 3.0. I'm really liking the potential for bleed/poison builds for Scion, because the positioning of the tree lets you easily reach a lot of the nodes you need to make it work. Like all my builds, they are designed to cost, at most, an exalt or two, planned around T3 gear and capped at 90, because that's usually when I start to get bored and want to make a new build.

This one does require a couple higher end uniques, so I probably won't test until after beta ends and the first league starts due to the character wipes.


- 100% Pierce with 30% from Deadeye, 45% from the tree, 10% from Drillneck and 15% from Poacher's Aim.
- Silvertongue unique bow causes Bleed on pierce. Support gems add Poison to the hit.
- General idea is to support Tornado Shot with Greater Multiple Projectiles (and one more projectile from Deadeye ascendancy) to blanket the screen with piercing sub projectiles that them kill everything with bleed and poison damage, back loaded via Damage Over Time, Physical, Chao/Physical, Projectile damage modifiers and the new support gems.
- You get 6 initial projectiles per volley, which then explode into 18 piercing sub projectiles. Since the sub projectiles from each additional initial projectile can hit the same mob, it should have pretty good single target, since you can potentially load 6 poison stacks on one mob with each volley.
- Secondary skill is Frenzy supported at a minimum with Greater Multiple Projectiles, Curse on Hit and Vulnerability to build frenzy charges and apply the Vulnerability curse with piercing shits before launching a volley of Tornado Shots.
- Life and mana recovery is tied to leeching nodes from the tree.
- Defense is high evasion, Acrobatics keystone, high attack speed, some focus on high movement speed and about 5k life estimate on the planner with T3 gear with mid rolls. It's a run and gun style.


Poacher's Aim Unique Jewel


Tornado Shot + Poison Support + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Rapid Decay + Vile Toxins + Deadly Ailments

Frenzy + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Curse on Hit + Vulnerability. This intended to go in an evasion/energy shield chest, so from this point you have different options on what you can do with your remaining slots. If you end up still having mana issues, you can Mana Leech Support to help restore your mana as you alternate between this and Tornado Shot. You can go with Fork or Chain or even both(?) to try and get more curse coverage. You can add Poison Support + Vile Toxins to get more poison stacks, but damage really isn't the point of this skill; it's about utility, since the bleed it would apply from Silvertongue is just going to get overwritten by the stronger one from Tornado Shot.

Arctic Armor

Haste (or Grace if you want more evasion. I think Haste is a better choice)

Blink Arrow

Blood Rage

Flame Golem (if it can stay alive)

Level 1 CWDT + Level 1 Immortal Call (Don't see the point in leveling it, since I have no endurance charge generation and mostly just have it because I got spare slots and a 0.4 second invulnerability can make a difference)



Version without Uber Lab



- Even though this is a leech build, no Vaal Pact, because I think it's counter productive. One, since I am reducing my initial hit to backload damage into bleeds and poison, I don't see physical reflect being a huge problem. Two, you have a lot of increased recovery rate already from the Trickster Ascendancy and the leech tree nodes themselves that would be negated by making the leech instant. Therefore, I just don't think it's worth it to take it and lose all life regen.
- You will need 68 additional intelligence from gear to support a level 20 Vulnerability gem
- All armor should be evasion, except for an evasion/energy shield chest to get the colors correct for the Frenzy link and to give you a small amount of energy shield for the Trickster Ascendancy bonuses to work.
- I could still make this work without completing Uber Lab, but it's a big deal to get those last 2 Ascendancy Points, because the Shadow starting position saves you 7 passive skill points.
- Since it's a pure evasion build, you'll need to use Master Crafting to get 2 red sockets in one piece for the CWDT + Immortal Call
- I am not sure how I would level it. I would probably use Puncture until I got Silvertongue. The concept works the same with Puncture supported with Poison and no Silvertongue, but you aren't going to get the same blanket area coverage of projectiles as you would with Tornado Shot.

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Hey, at first thank you for your theory craft I am really looking for a Scion build to play.
I had some time so I tried this build on Path of Building turns out the damage output is a bit to poor even with end game items. 5k life isnt that much aswell.
If you want to go poison I done see a way around playing shadow .
I know its only theory but I dont see a way hot it ll work at this point.
Shapskeren wrote:
Hey, at first thank you for your theory craft I am really looking for a Scion build to play.
I had some time so I tried this build on Path of Building turns out the damage output is a bit to poor even with end game items. 5k life isnt that much aswell.
If you want to go poison I done see a way around playing shadow .
I know its only theory but I dont see a way hot it ll work at this point.

Thanks for letting me know. I don't have access to PoB at the moment (on a Mac), so mostly just been brainstorming ideas that might work. I've really wanted to make a dual ailment build work, but one of my fears was trying to support both would end up killing the DPS.
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i tried folowing your build and made it in POB
altho im not sure about the stats
and im not sure how to make pastebin link but here is a shrinked link


and a none shrinked one

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