[3.0] Beserker/Deadeye CA Scion. Looking for advice


I'm planning on rolling with this super squishy build come the new patch. Just looking for any advice regarding the current tree I have and where to go from here.

Current tree only utilizes lvl 72 so there is around 12 points floating and I don't know what to do with them. Thanks!

Last bumped on Jun 23, 2017, 1:53:28 AM
I don't really understand the point of taking Berserker for a Caustic Arrow build focused on Evasion and Acrobatics over Trickster. The only real benefit is the 10% more damage. The 20% attack speed on Savage Hits isn't going to proc very much, because you shouldn't be taking savage hits very often with a ranged build with a lot of avoidance. Even then, attack speed isn't super important with caustic arrow, because the clouds don't stack so you only shoot one arrow to kill most packs with 100% pierce. The 1% leech doesn't mean much, because caustic cloud doesn't leech.

You've also taken quite a few nodes that don't benefit a bow build in anyway like Master of the Arena. Bravery is also less useful, because Acrobatics cuts down your armor. You also path pretty far our of the way to get Heart of the Warrior when there is other competitive life nodes in easier reach.

I would go with something like this personally...


- A little less life than your version, but only by a tiny percentage. In exchange, every node I take benefits and synergizes with your build. You can make up the difference with jewels, since you now have more jewel sockets
- I've taken Trickster instead to synergy better with caustic arrow and the build in general. Smooths out mana issues, increases your recovery rate by 50% every time you kill something with caustic arrow and the 20% increase damage/20% evasion bonus benefits the build directly.
- More focus on life regen
- More jewel sockets.
- More damage
- More evasion
- This pathing lets you invest 2 points into the bottom of the pathfinder route to bridge the gap in the tree until you finish Uber Lab.
- Tree caps out at 87, close to what you asked.
- I dropped 5% pierce, because you will need 10% pierce from your quiver and Poacher's Aim jewel to cap out your pierce chance and that would put you at 105%.
Thanks for the reply.

You make a lot of good points, I was initially just trying to jam beserker because of the 10% more modifier but maybe it isn't as good as I assumed, also I didn't realize that the cloud damage wouldn't leech so thanks for that tidbit!

Still trying to figure out a build for 3.0, debating between CA scion, ED occultist (still using CI because I think it is going to be kinda cheap, could be wrong), or trying to work out a fire damage tornado shot build because it seems fun.

Thanks again, good luck and may all the mirrors of kalandra fall at your feet.

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