3.0 Fire Cyclone (Help).

With the new gem Rapid Decay , im trying to make a fire cyclone build with

6 Link - Oro's sacrifice

Cyclone - Rapid decay - Fire Penetration Support - Increased Area of Effect - Increased Burning Damage Support - Weapon Elemental Damage Support ( I would not use area of effect in a 5 Link)

(blood magic could be useful too)

And using this tree with chieftain Ascendancy :


And now I need your help , what would you guys change ?

is this a viable build ?.

thanks for your help.
Last bumped on Aug 1, 2017, 10:43:01 PM
hey dude

interesting build, i might test it, if i can get tons of regrets

why dont u take the aoe nodes just above elementalist node?
This is a lv 80 character simulation, so you can grab the amplify node for more area damage.

and I would grab another jewel as well , to get more fire damage and more life.
I think Ngamahu's is going to be your best bet for a fire cyclone build - i have a lvl 91 chieftain on beta - if i can find a cheap oro's ill give it a go tonight.
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