3.0 RF + SC - cwc - FT - help with gem setup


I would like to require you guys insight & knowledge!

I was thinking about this setup but i cant decide on gems.

Here's what i got, i would like to get you guys input/advices.


4L RF + INC BURN + INC AOE + CONC EFF (or new efficacy gem? to be tested)

4L Orb of Storm + blind + knockback + increased aoe

2x 2L cwdt + molten shell / enduring cry + increased duration

3L empover + PoF + Vitality

3L Shield charge + fortify + faster attack

6L scorching ray + cwc + firestorm (flamesurge for bosses?) + Elem focus + Controlled destruction + Fire pen or faster casting


Now this setup misses the golem and i can't have that. Do i go for a ring with a slot?

Or do i lose some utility by dropping/modifying Orb of storm? Like dropping blind or KB.

Here is the build by the way


Thank you in advance for your help!
Last bumped on Jul 19, 2017, 2:52:21 PM
Rf +inc aoe + nc burning + elem focus
warcries r not spells so cant be triggered by CWDT
got no curses in your setup

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