NOT A GUIDE. Need your opinion: 1M DPS crit cyclone slayer

this is not a guide, i never made a melee before do u guys know if this is good?

Abyssus Burgonet
Bronn's Lithe
Maligaro's gloves
Rare boots, amulet, 2x rings, belt with str/life/ress boots with 30% mov speed
(4) Jewels with life + whatever dmg/critrate

Stats from Path of Building:
900k dps
60k bleed dps (probably will be nerfed)
177%-202% inc life from tree (lvl90->lvl100)
6500 life at level 90, 7100 life at level 100, probably more as gear improves
48.5% crit chance when lucky
+129% mov speed modifier

anti curse HP Potion
Atziri's Promise
Lion's Roar
+20% mov spd QuickSilver
anti freeze Diamond Flask

Cyclone - Melee Phys Dmg - Inc crit strikes - Fortify - Conc effect - Brutality(more phys dmg, no elemental dmg)
i remove faster attacks and i went from 8 atks per second to 6,75 so no big deal there but this change will only happen lategame as i will have onslaught nearly always on etc.

Warchief Totem - Faster attacks - Melee Phys Dmg - Bloodlust
the totem is doing 150k dps like this i think ill only use it on boss tho

Summon Ice Golem - Enduring Cry - Leap Slam - fasterattacks/Blood Rage/Vaal grace or haste
i did not consider blood rage/frenzy charges on the DPS, im not sure i want to use leap slam yet, i move really really fast i think ill have it there just to move betweeen ledges so the ASPD aspect can be ignored. Blood Rage is kinda useless i guess because i havent invested on frenzy charges so that sucks.. maybe will change to vaal haste/grace if i feel its bad

Blasphemy - Warlords - Haste - Enlighten
Warlords is so good for cyc ill use enduring cry only vs bosses really, haste mov spd + atk spd makes faster atks on weapon really bad so a more multiplier there and haste makes the dps go crazy


so i heard cyclone is bad vs bosses, luckly starforge can be 6L too and i can use a 'boss skill', what skill do you guys recommend me using? if this build is ok on damagewise ill make a 6L Vengeance for fun.. :)

lastly.. reflect MOBS should not be an issue... 0,5*0,29*1,45 = 21% dmg received from phys (50% reflect reduction, 69% phys reduction from armor + endure charges, +45% from abyssus, so from a 18% reflect mob (considering reflect wont change) 95k * 0,18 * 0,21 * 0,77 = 2765 dmg, so this character will die to reflect in 3 hits even with full endurance charges, the leech will probably make him last one last hit, so only rares with reflect with a lot of def mechanics will kill this character... then there is the acuity gloves... that is the last piece of the cake i guess, if use 1 kaom sign + acuity gloves and change abyssal to devotos WILL run phys reflect maps! id put a basalt flask somewhere aswell for that :)

i want to point out tho, faster attacks is only ok to be removed because of the all +aspd from bronns, onslaught, skill tree, so its a very lategame DPS boost.

what you guys think? this build suck? 4Head

btw u can inflate the DPS of this build to 1,5m with blood rage + frenzy charges and regen is still bigger then the degen, the only downside is that frenzy charges only last 10 seconds.

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