The Fall of Oriath: New Concept Art

garukhan's headpiece is nice
Garukhan is just Piety ascended isnt it? god damn it piety just go already... leave

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
Do the Legacy packs end when the new packs are added?
Wonder woman is that you
Oh the Solaris/Lunaris pair would make really cool Light/shadow boxes..... If I only had time. Kid's youth groups are kinda taking up my time atm. :D
What would happen when the new MTX system deployed?

All the MTX equipped will be retrieved and can be found in the new MTX tab?

Hope this is true:D, because finding MTX in Standard is quite messy
Garukhan looks gorgeous!! Can't wait for that fight.

Hhmmmmmmm, newest Solaris and Lunaris look interesting too.
Really hoping that many of these you present to us will be available via MTX system :)

I'd love to get my pathfinder into this sexy outfit :D

Your artists are amazing, GGG! Thank you for keeping the dark vibe around PoE and not going Disneymode as all other companies.
Chris wrote:
New micro transactions system

2 questions lord Chris

1) how will skin xfer work in the new system


2) is there gonna be a way to get rid/redeem mtx duplicates from mystery boxes
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
The new artwork is pretty amazing.

Glad the game's slowing down so we can get to see more of it.

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