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[2.6] OThePestO's Ultimate Summoner Build [SC/HC/8k Life (effective)/2mil DPS/*All Content]

Hello guys, this is my first build that I am posting on the forum. This is also the first time I played a character to level 90, and did it with relative ease. I really enjoyed this character and wanted to share my build.

This is a true summoner build, using Zombies, Skeletons, Spectres. It should be able to do all content but I haven't tried Uber Atziri and Shaper. I've been killing red map bosses and Uber Izaro in a matter of seconds (3-5s) so I assume it can kill Uber Atziri and Shaper.

There are many pros to this build, I'll list some


8k Effective Life and 18% Phys reduction means you don't get 1-shot
Life Leech and Energy Shield Regen
Zombies have over 20k life
Can play with any Spectres you like (FUN!) [Obviously some are better than others]
Enemies are super slow and blind so it's very rare you get hit at all
Some chaos resist (well not -60)
Minions continue to do damage even after they are dead.
When Zombies do die, they explode doing 200k+ damage and then leave a 23k DPS caustic cloud.
Can do all map mods if you are careful. (Maps with curse mods only effect you and not your minions)
Can farm Uber Lab
1.5Mil DPS with just 5-Link, 2mil+ with 6L.
Build is very cheap if only using 5L

Still have to be careful of DOT damage
Illusion of invincibility may make you do dumb things which get you killed
Minion Build *may* not be party friendly (Although I didn't experience any problems)
Can be tricky to get 1000+ strength
True power of build doesn't show until level 70+
Have to level as a melee character.
Uses 6 Unique Items for gear and 6 Unique Jewels


For your jewelry you want stats in order of this importance:
2. Resists
3. Dex/Int (whatever you need or you can grab from tree)
4. Life (even though your ES percent is higher, you can get higher life rolls than es rolls)
5. ES
6. Mana regen, more of a QOL thing for when you need to cast zombies, which are 200+ mana.


2x Violent Dead
2x Efficient Training
2x Brawn



3L Desecrate/Vaal Haste>Flesh Offering>Increased Duration
Usually Desecrate is not needed but you should definitely keep one in your inventory. With some tough boss fights, you may want to keep desecrate in instead of Vaal haste.

3L Chaos Golem>Discipline>Haste
I choose Haste over Hatred as a QOL choice. Hatred is more damage but our damage is already overkill. Haste just makes life easier.

4L [Helm] Raise Spectre>Minion Damage>Minion SPeed>Culling Strike
You can use any spectres that you like but they should have some AOE or really fast attack to make best use of culling strike. For even more defence, you can use Undying Evangelist.

4L Spell Totem>Summon Skeletons>Blind>Increased Duration
You will only need to use totem when you anticipate a tough encounter, most mobs will die before you even put up the totem. But against bosses and tough fights (ie Beyond monsters), the totem is invaluable. As it blinds enemies and creates a continuous caustic cloud.

Arc>Curse on Hit
[Offence/SC] Vulnerability>Temporal Chains
[Balanced/SC/HC] Vulnerability>Enfeeble
[Defence/HC] Enfeeble>Temporal Chains

Zombie>Minion Damage>Minion Speed>Melee Phys>Multistrike>Empower

There is no need for melee splash thanks to Mon'tregul's


Kill All

Skill Tree

I leveled as a Ground Slam character, using the 2 unique ground slam jewels, Lycosidae (optional to go resolute technique if u like) and Clayshaper.

I used only 5L up until level 87. 6L is just a bonus, but not a necessity.

The leveling tree is shown if you were to play a HC character, you can choose to go minion/damage early and get life later if you want to speed level.

Level 30]http://poeurl.com/bksk

[Level 50] http://poeurl.com/bksn


[Level 70] http://poeurl.com/bksp


[Level 98] http://poeurl.com/bkst



I can add more vids if requested.


Here's me running my favourite map with some insane mods.

Vault Tier 12

Twinned Shaped Promenade Tier 14, -10 Max Player Res
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any videos ?
Sure I can make some and put some up.
Hello Mate ....
I'll even more appreciate your excellent work if the Skill Tree could be visualized ... Otherwise: Bravo
Thanks for the build.

I just have a question about jewels of violent dead. You use them without 40 int in radius so slam attack is not appliqued ?
dz0rg wrote:
Thanks for the build.

I just have a question about jewels of violent dead. You use them without 40 int in radius so slam attack is not appliqued ?

Threshold jewels no longer require the stats to actually be taken, just for them to be in range.
iron will for spectres is bad,If u pick something like Flame sentinels?
How do you summon zombies with 2 auras on? i have 853 mana overall and only 127 with both auras. And even 5l zombies cost 169 mana to summon.

upd: oh.. i see, you don't. well, darn. i don't like change spells all the time. will find something to replace Haste.
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