[Need Help] Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone build, for 3.0

Planning out a build out for upcoming league. Tried to pull info from other guides, to suit my liking. But also have a few questions I need answered.(All Questions bold & Underlined)

Will run Ngamahu's Flame, and Xoph's Blood. Am I correct that the Wildfire Jewel does not effect this build? It affects Molten Strike, Not Molten Burst. ??

This is my tree, for 115pts. Priority would be for RT, VP, then just filling out the tree until I get the axe, then put into Lava Lash, Point Blank, and Iron Grip. Does Iron Grip work with the Axe+Xoph's amulet?? Or does the fire conversion mess up this?


I want damage mainly coming from Cyclone, with the additional fun/damage from the axe's proc.

Listed in priority
Chest (4-6L)
Cyclone-Fortify-Faster attacks-Melee Phyiscal-Blood Magic/WED-Conc.Effect/Elemental Focus.

Axe-no links necessary
GMP-WED-Physical Projectiles Attack Damage-Fire Pen-Concentrated Effect-Pont Blank(work w/ the keystone? Or does this have no effect? Suggested 6th gem?)

Auras Hatred-Herald of Ash-Enlighten(If necessary)-Enhance(If it doesn't increase mana reserve?) Best bet? Haste? Blashpemy+Flammability?

CWDT(high level) - Immortal Call, Increased Duration, Molten Shell

CWDT(low level) - Vaal Haste-Increased Duration-(Flammability OR Enfeeble OR Warlord's Mark). (Which curse would be best here?)

When I played last(2014) low level CWDT w/ Enduring Cry worked, now it does not. How would I accumulate Endurance Charges w/o it?? Warlord's Mark? Or not worth it, and get rid of Immortal Call?
If I remove Immortal Call, and forget endurance charges, what should I replace in CWDT(high),
and should I run Flammability or Enfeeble?

Any other improvements/suggestions?


IGN: Fara_CantStopWontStop
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Iron Grip works fine.

Point Blank keystone also works, use Elemental Focus as sixth gem then.

Wildfire does not work for Molten Burst.

Anger is not that efficient IMO and 75% reservation (with HoA) is awfully tight. I prefer Blasphemy + curse of choice. That's only 58% reservation which leaves plenty mana so I don't need Blood Magic gems for Cyclone, Leap Slam, etc. BM and VP can be tricky. ;)

Do keep Immortal Call, even though EC does no longer work in this combo, IC still protects against phys damage bursts.

Warlord's Mark is not necessary, life/mana leech from Pain Reaver is more than enough. Flammability or Enfeeble, the choice is yours.

I've also added Lightning Golem and Ancestral Protector (with Culling Strike for good measure), more Cyclone attack speed = more Molten Burst procs.

Fix you tree... there is a shorter way to Point Blank (from above). Why the Mana nodes on the way to VP? Life and movement speed on the other side is much better. And Rampart? Well, each to their own but it doesn't help Molten Burst (it's not a melee attack) and 20% max life elsewhere is better than 3% more physical damage reduction from Fortify. Rather than connecting Butchery with Barbarism I'd go up from Born to Fight, saves two passives and you'll get 10 INT which is quite important as Conc Effect and Elemental Focus require 111 INT at lvl 20.
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IGN: Fara_CantStopWontStop
Shop: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1058741
IGN: Fara_CantStopWontStop
Shop: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1058741
xoph's blood is from breach, so youll have to get it another way (probably investing lots of money)

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