My personal suggestion about the ES

"the beta nerf for ES is huge and harmful", that what I can conclude

"We've seen characters reaching over 25,000 Energy Shield while still having the damage output to sufficiently complete all of the content in the game, compared with the 9,000 Life that a very heavily invested Life character with perfect items could reach." pls show us using photography o video, if posible show the character, I want to fuck him/her and then beg to this guy for exalted o even mirror.

I am not a old player and entered POE the essence league, from the beginning I used arc which i was recommended as a new fellow. Now using the ES builds a lot, have tried Chaos Occ, Life RF and ES RF. I choose the ES because I prefer Witch and Shadow, Which two don't have many life nod in the passive tree.
The ES builds are, really, expansive. I have burned no less than 200ex for my recently 3 ES builds to reach a decent amount.
(the first time I used ES could hardly reach 10k, now three build are one 15k, one 12k, one 11k, the 15k one don't have a very strong regenerate mechanic, 11k one fast recharge, 12k one is RF)

When I see the manifiesto, I am shocked.

The balance between Life and ES shouldn't be modified by such a direct and violent nerf, this is an effort which produce few good.

In the manifiesto GGG you have mentioned that a CI build is using ES substituting Life. I have think for a time: why not make 2 types of defense a bit different?

the CI permite the chaos damage which prevent great number of DOT, with some bleed and burning immune flask, the DoT damage wont be a big problem for ES build.

Why not add a keystone that remove all ES and give the ability of : can't lose more than #% of maximum life in one hit. the # can be 35, 25, 20 or even less, or make a progression from 50% to 25% which can let player decide how much point to invest.
The effectiveness of Armour and evasion should be higher, or people will continue concentrate more on direct boost on the physical reduction and dodge.

Now two types of defense wont be substitutable because one is a better defense against Single hit and another is designed for DOT defense. People can choose the one they prefer.
In this case the high amount of ES will be reasonable and the low amount of life will be more potencial.

This idea is not a perfect one but hope that can be taken into beta. In this case, the life build with be somehow more equal and strong enough to be tanky.

The balance can also be reached by modification of those strong bosses, which I have never seen in this game.

PS:About the reduce of ES, pls notice that ES cant regenerate by flask and now cant even by leech, in this case the cut of maximum amount seems to be a destruction but not a balance.
I personally suggest that the multiple before CI can be replaced by another keystone: 5% the lost life caused by CI become ES, the additional ES is somehow important to reach 12k ES.

At last, I hope someone can help me complete my idea.
Welcome discussion, though I'm not active lol.
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