Not sure if im doing Tornado Shot right

I am fairly new to this game so I'm not sure how a lot of things work. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong with this build and what I can improve?
This is my gear -

This is my tree -
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The Deadly draw and Aspects of eagle passives wont help you much bcos your bow is lacking high physical damage.

Change Physical to lightning support gem for Added_Lightning_Damage_Support.
Instead of critical chance take critical damage (quality gem if possible)
For boss fight you can alternate GMP and added cold damage gem.
Weapon elemental damage will help too (but it´s red gem).

Take some extra aura - herald of thunder and/or wrath to boost damage
What´s your flasks? Try to get too futher boost your damage - your highest elemental resistance will work (you will pierce that kind of resist while flask is active)

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no you are not doing it right. the main problem comes from your weapon. Windripper is a bow with low physical damage. people using it scale damage from lots of flat added elemental damage. this means things like Wrath, Anger, added damage from jewelry or added cold/lightning support gems. you have none of these things so your damage must be really low..

the other way would be getting good physical damage rare harbinger bow, or something like Deaths Opus unique.. your tree seems somewhere in between, some damage points are in physical, some elemental. You should choose one way or another. otherwise your tree is not that bad, you lack increased life passives though so you are probably low on survivability too...

If you want to stick with Windripper, get leveled added cold damage instead of phys to lightning (which is good for nothing with this setup), and weapon elemental damage instead of maybe faster attacks.. upgrade your rare gear to have more life (capped elemental resistances ofc), and added ele damage on jewelry. get Wrath aura and herald of thunder (with curse on hit maybe). you are not supposed tio use clarity nor essence sap cluster. with decent damage, one small mana leech passive should be enough..
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Rakiii wrote:
The Deadly draw and Aspects of eagle passives wont help you much bcos your bow is lacking high physical damage.

Aspect of the Eagle was changed to generic bow attack damage. Its now good for most bow attack builds.

Edit: typo
No wonder it's lost, it's in the middle of the jungle!
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Yeah you´re right, I haven´t noticed that for the first time. So OP can keep it as it´s (Aspect of the Eagle)
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