United in Dream Price

Do you think the price of United in Dream will rise or sink in the next month ?
Last bumped on May 19, 2017 11:14:44 AM
The closer to the end of a league, the closer the prices of everything get to standard prices.
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Like most of the previous league mechanics, it will be harder to get breach stuff in general, no matter breach is gonna be in the main game or not.

The poison change will nerf AW build quite a bit, it will be still awesome, but cwc AW will no longer be better than self cast, AW build is this sword mostly for, however using it as an aurabot is still good, 3.0 brings big changes, who knows how much difference will it do, people might not getting enough damage for their taste, aurabot could be more popular

my guess is it will go up, prbly double . Not talking about standard, who cares about standard price.

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