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Filter is currently up to date for Patch 2.6 Legacy League

Hello! I've always really enjoyed making my own loot filter, I started making my own the day they came out. I've looked into some other filters in common use and I never really liked the looks of them. I try to keep mine pretty well in line with the vanilla game experience, but less cluttered. Personally I focus on orb crafting through vendor recipes and it will show in how my filter plays.

Firstly, the filter itself and download locations:



Now for some details about the filter itself. The filter is just made simply in Notepad. I frequently update it, but it changes visually very infrequently. I mostly just keep it up to date with what I find fun and valuable to collect each league. There are detailed notations with each item, what it is for, how to craft it into something valuable, etc. It is sorted into sections: Currency, Vendor Recipes, Mapping, Craftables, and Misc Valuables. I'll detail each description section here with a screenshot to show what each section's items look like.



My currency filter is very simple. It's intended to make currency easily identifiable by value while maintaining a clean and close to vanilla look. All currency items are shown.

Mirrors, Rhoa Feathers, and Eternals show up with a red border and play alert sound 8.

Exalts and currency worth a significant fraction of an exalt show up with an orange border and play alert sound 2. This includes the 4 rare and deafening essences and master/journeyman sextants as well.

Currency worth just a few chaos or a very significant fraction of a chaos show up with a yellow border and play only the default game sounds. This class includes splinters.

Useful but less valuable currency shows up with a blue border and play the default game sounds.

Very low value currency like scrolls, armourer scraps, trans, and augs show with no custom filtration settings.

General Orbcrafts

The filter shows quite a few orb recipe items. On the low end I do craft Glassblowers, so quality flasks do show up. I have a combined tab for GBB and GCP items, so I craft these in bulk batches when the tab gets full. These orbs are not extremely valuable and would be an easy one to get rid of to clean up the experience even further.

More importantly, 6S and 6L items show up for crafting jewelers and divines. Quality gems show up to craft gemcutters. White and 20% quality chisel recipe hammers show up. Only 3 slot items show up for chromatics, as it is a poor time investment to me to pick up larger chromatic items. 3 slot chromatic items are the easiest to carry and rarely cause you to need to make multiple loot trips per map. I try to do only a single loot dump at the end of a map for time's sake. These items have very minimal custom filtration and mostly show as they would in the vanilla game, with the exception of 6S and 6L which have orange and red border, with 6L playing alert sound 4.

Chaos Recipe


I do a lot of chaos recipe. I have many tabs dedicated to this. I fill a tab up each ring/amulet/belt, helm, body armour, gloves, boots, and daggers/wands and when I get really stacked up on amulets and rings I'll do a bulk craft. I use only daggers/wands for weapon because they are 3 slot and very easy to carry.

The filtration is very simple. 1-2 socket items show up with an orange border, 3 socket items show up with a yellow border, 4 socket items show up with a blue border, and 6 socket items show up with no custom filtration settings. The filter only shows rares related to crafting chaos and regal. I tend to only do chaos by making sure to do some dried lakes to make a significant enough portion of my chaos items below 75 that I can make each set with at least 1 sub 75 item to make it a chaos, even if the majority of the items are 80+. I tend to stop collecting body armours, boots, gloves, and helms while awaiting enough amulets to do a large bulk crafting session.



My mapping filter tries to make maps stand out from other classes of items while maintaining a general theme with the vanilla game content. Mapping items are color coded by tier and have black text. White maps show up white, yellow maps show up yellow, and red maps show up red. Unique maps, leaguestones, and map fragments show up orange. If you start to pile up on leaguestones, you can roll 3 of the less useful ones for a chance at a better one at a vendor.

Top Craftables and Misc Valuables


I go very light on collecting craftable items. I used to collect more types of items, but I've narrowed it down to just the quick sellers, mainly very high ilvl gloves with nice implicits, crystal belts, opal rings, and steel rings. These items move very quickly and are worth a fair few chaos. Many of the top bases sell very slowly even at extreme ilvls and become a burden on your stash so I don't bother with them.

I collect all unique items, I use a quad tab for these. I just dump uniques into a quad tab until it fills and spend 30 mins pricing them all out in batches. Sub 1c items get vendored for alchs or rolled with mysterious gift prophecy, and 1c+ uniques get stocked for sale.

Other random things that show up: talismans, divinations, breach rings, quest items, fishing rods, and drop only gems. These items have no custom filtration and just show as they would in the vanilla game.

Final Notes


This filter benefits from a well laid out stash. I use 23 tabs, the 3 special tabs for currency, essences, and cards, and 20 premium tabs.

I generally find myself in good equilibrium with how many white maps and chisel recipe hammers drop. I collect every map but I have never had to vendor any white maps to make space because my chisel recipe tab fills up frequently enough to keep the white map stock relatively low. I do occasionally have to clear out my yellow map tab, I use the search bar to find sets of 3 duplicates and craft them up to a higher tier at a vendor. This is a good source T11 maps, and I don't have to do it very frequently.

I do not generally participate in chancing. In the past my filter had a chancing section, but I find it a completely unamusing way to spend time in game so good chancing bases do not show up. If you enjoy chancing, you will have to add a chancing section or use another filter.

It is not intended for every item that is shown to be picked up, but it is intended for every item I might want to pick at some point to show. I frequently ignore chaos recipe parts, GBB recipe parts, and very low value currency. Here is an example of the filter in action:





The filter text can be read and modified with Notepad. It is very cleanly laid out, so making modifications is very simple. To install it, simply drop it into your game files at user>Documents>My Games>Path of Exile. Once it is there it will show up in the filter drop box in the game's UI settings.

Feel free to leave a comment. Suggestions, corrections, love, and hate is all welcome!

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