Divining legacy items

Noob question i think but if i use a divine orb on a legacy item do i turn it into a non-legacy item?
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Divine Orbs reroll existing modifiers according to the most recent value/value range; if a Unique weapon's flat Physical Damage bonus has been buffed, a Divine can fix that.
However, Divine Orbs cannot add or remove modifiers; if that same weapon got an additional +Fire Damage mod, Divines cannot add that.
Weapon is a "Soul Taker" axe. Non legacy gives 100 - 140% inc phys damage.
Legacy gives 160 - 200% inc phys damage.

I have a legacy soul taker with 166% inc phys damage, if i divine this legacy axe can i improve it or does it revert to a non legacy roll?

If i am reading your explanation correctly i think it reverts to current, hope i am wrong.
It will indeed roll within the current range of 100-140%.
i saw a relic lightning coil with 30% phys damage taken as lightning. should be 40%. a divine orb must have been the cause of that. don't divine relics.
Just rerolled a legacy Covenant chest which had lvl15 chaos and it did not update to the new lvl29 value. What am
I missing? Maybe I looked at the wrong patch notes?
Don't necro 5+ year old threads. They can contain old and outdated information of confuse the hell out of people.

GGG didn't specify that a divine would work on it as they did with quite a few in the 3.19 patch notes. What looks like is happening is since the life instead of mana got taken out, the new level 29 chaos is what took it's place, hence the wording "instead". Divines can't add or remove stats.

I could be wrong though.
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