Divining legacy items

Noob question i think but if i use a divine orb on a legacy item do i turn it into a non-legacy item?
Last bumped on May 11, 2017, 5:31:20 PM
Divine Orbs reroll existing modifiers according to the most recent value/value range; if a Unique weapon's flat Physical Damage bonus has been buffed, a Divine can fix that.
However, Divine Orbs cannot add or remove modifiers; if that same weapon got an additional +Fire Damage mod, Divines cannot add that.
Weapon is a "Soul Taker" axe. Non legacy gives 100 - 140% inc phys damage.
Legacy gives 160 - 200% inc phys damage.

I have a legacy soul taker with 166% inc phys damage, if i divine this legacy axe can i improve it or does it revert to a non legacy roll?

If i am reading your explanation correctly i think it reverts to current, hope i am wrong.
It will indeed roll within the current range of 100-140%.
i saw a relic lightning coil with 30% phys damage taken as lightning. should be 40%. a divine orb must have been the cause of that. don't divine relics.

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