[2.6] Righteous Fire/Incinerate CwC Discharge - Facetank Endgame w/T15 video

Build Explanation
This is an improvement on a build i previously published here. We still use Righteous Fire in conjunction with Discharge, now triggered by Incinerate-Cast while Channeling, focusing on Endurance Charges. Romira's Banquet and Incinerate (0% Crit Chance -> always generating charges) generate Power Charges and Voll's Devotion turns them into Endurance Charges each time Discharge triggers. The Juggernaut Ascendancy increases this effect by giving us a chance to gain up to our max Endurance Charges each time a Power Charge is consumed. Kingsguard lets us gain up to 1k life on Discharge (max 3 times/sec), which, together with Fortify, Spell Block, increased max elemental Resistances and the mitigation from our 10 Endurance charges makes for a very tanky character.

T15 Dark Forest (using Consuming Dark, Incinerate only lvl 17)


- Up to 1k life gained when Discharge or Immortal Call triggers because of Kingsguard
- Cannot be stunned
- Fortify with increased effect
- 86-80-80 elemental resistances with a legacy/relic Saffell's Frame (1 less max res with ordinary Saffell's). Dying Sun can be used on top of that.
- 30-ish Spellblock/Capped Spellblock with Rumi's Concoction
- 10 endurance Charges with high uptime and 8% reduced ele damage taken while at max endurance charges
- ~10k Armour
- Safe against reflect (impossible to die to rare ele reflect mobs, reflect maps are not recommended, but can always be run, relying mostly on RF, if necessary)
- 6-6.5k hp, depending on exact gear.


Damage Spells: Righteous Fire, Incinerate, Discharge (mostly endurance charges)
-> All can be scaled with Fire and Elemental damage, Spell damage doesn't apply to RF.
- Righteous Fire grants 60% more Spell damage to Incinerate and Discharge
- Elemental Overload for 40% more elemental damage
- 60% Increased Damage at max endurance charges from Juggernaut Ascendancy
- ~80% increased Spell damage (Consuming dark) or ~125% ele damage (Doryani) from Gear
- 79% Ele, Fire or Area damage from Passives
- 39% Spell damage from Passives
- 7 Jewel Sockets for more damage scaling


[Gem Links]

Main Skill
Incinerate-Cast While Channeling Support-Discharge-Fire Penetration Support-Elemental Focus Support
|6th Link Optionss:
Empower (lvl 4 in a +1 Body Armor)
Conc Effect/Increased AOE (do not scale Incinerate)
Controlled Destruction (seems good - have to test whether Discharge still crits often enough to proc Elemental Overload)
Iron Will(not enough Strength to be really good)

Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire-Increased Burning Damage Support-Elemental Focus Support-Increeased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect Support

Movement & Utility
Shield Charge-Fortify-Curse on Hit Support-Flammability

Cast When Damage taken Setups
Cwdt Support (lvl 20)- Immortal Call (lvl 20)-Increased Duration Support

Cwdt Support (lvl 1)-Blade Vortex-Vortex-Increased Duration Support

Single Gems/Utility
Purity of Fire (lvl 21 in Essence Worm Ring)
Tempest Shield (optional: linked to low lvl Cwdt)
Stone Golem

[Passive Tree]

Life-Passive-Endurance Charge
My 2.3 Build Guides:
Oro's Crit Flicker Assassin: view-thread/1691639
Sire of Ignites Elementalist: view-thread/1703646
Low Life CocSpray Occultist: view-thread/1711959
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