Replace Sarn Arena Shrine with a Crown/Throne

I actually like the shrine in the middle of the arena. I think the intention from the developers was to create a focal point to drawn everyone into. Some people dont like it and others love it. I think replacing the shrine with a crown effect, symbolizing king of the hill, would make the center even more fun to control.

I personally avoid getting the shrine unless I am trying to troll. I know many other pvpers who frown upon getting the shine because they believe it is a unfair advantage and displays no prowess. I think that changing the shrine to a throne or crown would add much more contention. People would want to get the crown instead of avoiding the shrine cheese.

In the end I like the shrine so I don't mind this being ignored, just a thought.
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I like this idea a lot. I like the shrine myself (especially stealing it sneakily if the other person is busy with someone else). Yeah, I think it would be a lot of fun. I mean especially on survive 180 days you have a lot of players there and often enough you get more or less voluntary king of the hill matches anyways.
I support this idea!
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