Righteous Fire Build: Juggernaut or Chieftain?

So I'm thinking of starting a marauder rf build. Which ascendancy class do you think is better for my build?
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I went for Chietain on LHC SSF. Chief gets more regen (way more with endurance charges) and more damage. Both get "free" endurance charges. Juggernaut gets 1 more endurance charge and more armour and whatnot so he is more tanky overall, but he gets a couple % less regen with charges so they are probably equally tanky in some situations like chaos degen and traps.
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Chieftain can make his totems immune to fire damage, so they never burn out.
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Riborg wrote:
Chief gets more regen (way more with endurance charges) and more damage.

Ngamahu Flame's Advance does not work with Righteous Fire, which leaves the Chieftain with 20 or 30% Increased Damage.
Juggernaut gets 6% per ECharge for 48-60% Increased Damage, and Unyielding for 30%.

Aside from that: there really isn't that huge a difference, no. I went with Juggernaut, the eventual prospect of being immune to Slow/-%MS is very very tasty to me on a personal level (and 14% Movespeed is primo good stuff on top). My one friend in life went Chieftain for maximum "I don't care about you, monster dude".
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I went Chieftain with this:

Stacking STR as high as I can for the Life and Iron Will. 1% life leech from all fire damage and +10% STR are pretty neat for that.
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Real men play Berserker - moar damages, shout regen and shield charge attack speed. :D

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