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Hi to all !

I am following this game since from alpha. Unfortunetly i got disappointed in pvp after release and thats why i quit it.

I dont really found motivation to play since i dont found good pvp. Dont get me wrong the game it is amazing, but i get rid of it after few hours of playing and i need some adrenalin rush to keep my interest in.

First of all game definetly need perma dead on hc during the pvp.

Iread suggestion about sarn arena to be part of the town and thats look really good step for pvp.

Remove point win. This is boring, or atlest give option to choose how much rounds do you want to fight.

I really want to see things are getting better with next patch !

Last bumped on Apr 26, 2017, 3:26:37 AM
you can just agree to fight each other at bandits if you really like perma death pvp

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