[2.6] Aura/Curse SRS

Hi all, relatively new to PoE (came in with Breach) but felt it was about time to share my first build that's been very fun to play.


Summon Raging Spirit build with a heavy aura and curse focus. Envy, Anger, and Discipline bolster our minions while leaving just 45 mana. Enough for Arc which applies Elemental Equilibrium, Elemental Weakness, and Flammability (lowering fire resistance by 190%). The Covenant is used with SRS so mana isn't a concern.

This is a hybrid build with a 8,392 effective health pool (3,350 life, 5,042 ES, and maxed resistances). Godly CI this is not, but enough to tango with the guardians.

Quick summary of the equipment/gem breakdown before we go into detail...

Weapon (United in Dream): Anger => Generosity => Enlighten
Shield (Victario's Charity): Discipline => Enlighten => Flesh Offering
Body (The Covenant): Summon Raging Spirits => Melee Damage => Melee on Full Life => Minion Damage => Added Fire Damage => Empower
Helmet (Bone Helmet): Summon Zombie => Summon Stone Golem => Animate Guardian => Minion Life
Gloves (Sorcerer Gloves): Summon Specter => Spell Echo => Minion Damage => Fire Penetration
Boots (Bones of Ullr): Arc => Curse on Hit => Elemental Weakness => Flammability

Passive Tree

Now for the details...

United in Dream provides our offensive auras (Envy and Anger). Generosity applies to both but sadly Enlighten only reduces the cost of Anger. Besides our auras United in Dream grants our minions poison and a great deal of life regeneration.

Victario's Charity with Necromatic Aegis provides our minions frenzy and power charges. Discipline is important. Not only for the added ES but so Commander of Darkness grants us extra cast speed and +20% resistances.

The Covenant effectively makes our SRS an eight link, adding Added Chaos and Blood Magic (which makes our incredibly high mana reservation viable). Few notes on the gem choices...

* Supports and auras are all focused on bolstering our physical, chaos, and fire damage. Physical/chaos impact our poison whereas fire is greatly amplified by our curses.
* Spirits rarely get harmed, making the Melee on Full Life a great boost.
* Added Fire Damage not only synergizes with our curses but is based on our total damage before SRS converts half to fire.
* Empower is further multiplicative by bolstering our base SRS damage from 222–333 to 297–446 when it's level four.

Helmet provides tanking minions. For the Animate Guardian you ideally want it to be created with Dying Breath, Leer Cast, and Victario's Flight to bolster your minions even more.

Our gloves provide specters. Minions of choice are Flame Sentinels initially, but I swap over to Undying Incinerator if I manage to find any.

Finally, our boots provide Arc which triggers both Elemental Equilibrium and our curses. Passives provide +30% curse effect and Dying Breath another +18%, so if my math's right that's 190% reduced fire resistance.

Jewelry is all pretty self-explanatory. Shores up our defenses and bolsters minions where we can.

Life flasks provide a panic-button when low as well as countering freeze, burning, and bleed. Quicksilver flasks let you both farm effectively and run away from dangerous situations.

No doubt there's CI builds out there that are even better but I've found this very fun to play, and easily clears tier 15 maps (though honestly I haven't attempted Shaper yet).

Cheers! -Damian

PS. The double bubble effect is from the alternate Discipline effect plus Maligaro's Restraint. Very neat looking imho.
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Sure would be Nice to see some footage of this puppy in action, like clearspeed and Guardian kills f.e.

Looks very thought out and well written though, not bad for a first build!

Good Luck on Your scavaging, Exile.
Hi, is it possible to do this build with another weapon than United in Dream?
I'm playing an outdated SRS build with Pledge of Hands atm and i found your build and my skilltree is not long from yours so i just need that weapon but it's very high priced on Standrad HC.

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