Upgrading to Hydra Pack issues

so i got 95$ worth of Karma Koin cards and it wasnt all in one card, they were all like 5 cards (10$/15$/20$/25$/25$). before i put in a the 20$, it said i could upgrade to hydra for 30$ (i got some karma koins last christmas) and so i put in the 20$ for the 200 points, and it didnt reduce the price to 10$ at all... please tell me what im doing wrong.

~thank you
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Last bumped on Apr 16, 2017 6:44:09 PM
Hey mattislouie,

Could you please email us at 'support@grindinggear.com' about your upgrading? We should then be able to assist you and sort you out through email correspondence. :)

In the meantime if you have purchased the appropriate amount for the Hydra Supporter Pack, please refrain from spending the points prior to the upgrade.
As an aside, use this site to combine 2 cards in the future so you can just use one code: http://karmakoin.com/cards/combine_cards

But do follow Melissa's instruction. This is just a FYI.
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