HC SSF WR 1:38:40 /played Malachai kill I am the greatest [edit: 1:27:27, I'm DUN]

EDIT: Speedrunning has blown up on Reddit so you should be looking there for updates instead
Here's a link to my best run, probably won't do more until 3.0


reset until MS boots on vendor, quicksilver #2 dropped in ledge, otherwise a pretty average run

only hiccup was not being able to buy warchief until a chance orb dropped in act 4
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It's actually quite interesting for me to see how many corners you can cut to reach act 5 since I was looking at the level progression recently - though I doubt 35 would be the average.
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new world record is 1:37:20 timer 1:35:36 /played, and i have video proof this time!

however, i played like a drunk chimp AND got very lucky, so i have reservations about uploading it...

maybe the day before 3.0 releases :^)
Did you consider vendor recipe for chance orb? Its not that hard to get it given you get at least one ring from Dialla.
Did you consider vendor recipe for chance orb? Its not that hard to get it given you get at least one ring from Dialla.

Funny thing happened today - watching a streamer at the act 3 vendor when i noticed, for the first time in 3 or 4 or however many years it's been, that she she sells chance orbs. 1 fuse each.

I've convinced myself that it hasn't always been like this and was added sometime recently. But anyway its helpful.

I've also convinced myself that a 1h30m run is possible, so I'm working on that, and if i ever succeed ill upload a vid.
ok 1:30 is not possible. I'll just wait for 3.0 at this point.
JK I'm still trying

and getting close....

seriously, that hits me? well gg then

if the timer had said 1:28:30 i would have been hella pissed but it doesnt so its w/e i guess.

that was a pretty gawd damn smooth run but i still lost some time in some zones, and no insane RNG.

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I posted this 1:32:45 as my first "official" world record to reddit

Helman beat it the next day with a 1:32:12(?)

and then I countered with this 1:31:30, which is a gross run in which i get very lucky multiple times and do not play well at all, but that's where things currently stand

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all hail panicked flask!

holy crap that leap into the piety beam and gut spikers jesus... nevermind the daresso swords
This is great stuff man I love the competition you guys have going on keep it up!
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