Monthly Swiss Tourney With Temporary Prize

What do you think about a weekly or monthly swiss PvP tourney that awards the winning player or team a MTX PvP crown or something similar to display the feat of victory. The crown passes along to the winner of each event. This would create a sense of achievement and prestige. There could even be 3 different colors of the crown for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Any additional ideas or feedback would be appreciated.
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The crown alone wouldn't do much. However, if we also add one big announced tournament per league with a set amount of duels you can make in that special pvp queue, and give alt art items as prices, similar to races, that would make things REALLY interesting.
Or a point system in the arena with rewards similar to labyrinth ladder jewels.
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does switzerland even have a server?

if anything, it should be a somali tournament because pirates.
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Idk about a swiss tourney, but doing this globally with like top 10, 10-20, and 20-30 bracket temporary mtx or AA would be awesome. A new pvp season with each league would be a great way to get more people into it, and I love the idea of the temporary mtx that passes to the next challenger if he wins
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