New driver update, ALT+TAB crashing now.

As the title says. I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. The card itself is still very new. On April 5th (two days ago), they released a driver update [ version 381.65 ], but did not update my driver until this morning. I started playing Path of Exile yesterday before I updated with no problems. Immediately after I installed the driver, anytime I try to ALT+TAB, I get a black screen and a message saying: "...Device D3D9.cpp failure..." - then the game closes. I try to switch the game to Windows mode or Windowed Fullscreen, and it crashes. After several attempts to get it into Windowed Full screen, it finally worked. It took 7 attempts to get it to work, though. I would rather play in Full Screen, but the ALT+TAB crashes the game.
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Not much we can suggest other than to rollback to the previous driver.
OK, thank you for the reply.
Same thing here. Rollbacking the driver didn't work.
I often get the black screen, but not the crash nor the error message. When I get the black screen, I turn my screen off then on and it works again. Hope it can help someone having an issue with just the black screen.
The black screen just means it is still loading the assets and stuff. If it takes too long (15 or so seconds) it kicks you out for "AFK" and you end up on the login screen.
I have the same card and the same issue. I tried reverting my driver as well, and the issue persists.
So even though nVidia 1000 series has better performance than anything AMD has right now the AMD video card drivers are more compatible with PoE (or maybe I should reverse and say PoE is more compatible with AMD then nVidia). I just replaced my ancient ATI (yes ATI not AMD) HD6870 running Catalyst driver with a modest upgrade to a R9-270oc (the HD6870 played PoE just fine, my BFFL had an extra R9-270 so he gave it to me) and I also upgraded from an Intel i5 660 cpu (2C-4T) to a Xeon i7-870 (4C-8T) at the same time. In doing this I uninstalled the Catalyst driver, then the hardware upgrade, and then installed the latest AMD Crimson driver into Windows 7 Pro 64-bit OS. PoE still plays normally for me and alt-Tab still switches in and out of full screen (1920 x 1080) PoE same as the old hardware did.

I run as lean of a Windows 7 Pro (Windows 10 is never going to infect my computer) as I can to keep background tasks from stealing cpu cycles away from PoE. I also run CCleaner to eliminate temp files from slowing performance, Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D to keep malware/adware out, and run Eset NOD32 v9 as it is a very good av with low cpu overhead (I hate AVs that are bloatware cpu resource hogs) to stop virus infections (as best any av can). I'm running the DX9 version of PoE and haven't tried the DX11 version of PoE.

Note: I run on an old Gigabyte P35-UD3 motherboard and so far (almost 6 years) it has run Win7 Pro rock solid. I had OC'd my 660 to 3.8 Ghz and now my 870 is cruising at 3.5 GHz so Intel chipsets are the best. I have a pair of high quality G.Skill DDR3-1600 4 GB ram modules with nice big red heat spreaders. My cpu/memory tweaking skills are very good so I know how to OC well. Everything depends on keeping it all cool so I have a massive 6 heat pipe cooler with dual 120mm fans, and I added extra front and rear 120 mm fans to exhaust the warm air out. The video card is a Gigabyte R9-270oc with dual fans and a good heatpipe config. Running HWMonitor and then playing PoE for hours and the gpu doesn't even get to 60°C so keeping everything cool is critical to normal Windows and thus PoE.

Things to check:
1. Run Ccleaner, get rid of all temp files.
2. Run Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D, etc. to get rid of malware/spyware/adware.
3. Run TDSSKiller or AR-Malwarebytes to verify that you are rootkit free.
4. Run MSCONFIG, turn off all extra un-needed stuff that loads at Windows startup.
5. Make sure nothing is overheating when running PoE (or any software).
   (I use HDMonitor: see 20 Best CPU and GPU Temperature Monitoring software 2017).
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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
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Yeah something is fucked up with PoE these days. Lots of people having this problem.

I had the same problem. GTX 1060. Suddenly started getting PoE crashes on Alt-Tab, changing instance, and when exiting to character selection menu.

Only windowed mode would work. Other games were fine.

Eventually I got fed up and did a complete clean resintall of win10, and re-updated everything to latest drivers.

Fullscreen seems to be working fine now, but it still crashes once in a while when I exit to character selection from inside the game.
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